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May 18, 2009 01:08 PM

Preserving leftover bananas for a short time

My one-year old son loves bananas but can't eat a whole one at once. Short of freezing the leftover banana portion, how can I preserve it for 24 hours or so without it turning brown and mushy? I can't help eat the fruit because I detest bananas!

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  1. I cut a whole banana in half through the skin, eat one half, and wrap the other in plastic wrap. Then I refrigerate it overnight. The skin may turn dark, but the fruit remains firm and sweet.

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      Me too, cut the unpeeled banana in half at the midpoint, and cover the cut end with a small square of plastic wrap secured with a rubber band. The exposed end may get a little brown overnight but you can just cut off a quarter-inch of it and the rest should be fine.

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        That's great! Or this, which I've actually seen presented on a shopping network (sort of NSFW).

        Everyone else: Thanks for the "cut in the skin and wrap in plastic" tip. I will try that. I hate to waste food.

      2. When I was little, my mother often gave me banana slices in a bowl of orange juice, which I loved. The citrus keeps the fruit from discoloring. Might be easier for your baby if you mashed it. Refrigerated in juice - pineapple if he doesn't like OJ - the other half will be fine the next day.

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          Thanks, I'll try this tip too. Happen to have both OJ and pineapple juice on hand.