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May 18, 2009 01:06 PM

Sunday Dinner in Lisbon & Barcelona

I'm heading to Lisbon and Barcelona in two weeks and am looking for Sunday dining options in both cities, where I understand that options are limited. We're pretty adventurous eaters and are looking for places that are tasty but not too fussy. For that matter, I'd be interested in hearing about non-Sunday options too, if you have favorites.

Many thanks!

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  1. I've posted quite a bit on Lisbon over the past few months on this forum, yet I would be happy to give some suggestions. You are indeed correct in the fact that many places tend to be closed on Sunday's - particularly for dinner.

    If you like seafood and shellfish, one place worth checking out is Cervejaria Ramiro which is in the Estefânia neighborhood of Lisbon. The area surrounding this place, which is favorite with Lisboetas, can be a mixed bag at times, so you might want to take a taxi (which are very cheap in Lisbon).

    Some other places for Sunday and beyond worth checking out:

    Sinal Vermelho - A Portuguese-style Bistrôt in the Bairro Alto - Not open on Sunday, but a fantastic lunch or dinner option otherwise.

    João do Grão - Very tradtitional place in the Baixa known for hearty portions and bacalhau. I believe they are open for lunch and dinner on Sunday's.

    If you are looking for some lighter dishes, cool ambience, and great wine, try the Chafariz do Vinho. They are open on Sunday evenings and are located in a very interesting area of the city.

    Despite the name, a very good Portuguese restaurant to try is A Charcutaria Francesa. They might not be open on Sunday, but again, another option for beyond:

    If you need some other suggestions based on cuisine, neighborhood, or price range, I would be happy to suggest several other places. As you may know, sometimes strolling along during the day will present the opportunity to look at interesting places and restaurants.

    Boa Sorte!

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