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May 18, 2009 01:06 PM

Lunch near Belmont Park

I need recommendations for a good lunch spot within a 15 minute drive from Belmont Park. Thanks for all replies.

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  1. Sad to say not much near by. If you like Chinese, I recommend Orchid in GC
    730 Franklin Ave # 2
    Garden City, NY 11530
    (516) 742-1116‎
    A bit pricey, but worth it. IF you like Indian, there are, I am told, good Indian Restaurants on Hillside Avenue in the 250-270 street range. Having never tried one, I can't confirm that.

    Incidentally, I work at the track so I am familiar with the parcity of restaurants in the area.

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        Ask on the tri-state board about the Indian restaurants on Hillside, not very far into New Hyde Park. The only place I've eaten at is Madras Woodlands (1627 Hillside) a south Indian vegetarian. In atmosphere, it is a far cry from the long gone and lamented upscale original near the UN, but the dosas are pretty good. There are a bunch more on that strip.