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May 18, 2009 01:04 PM

Chowhound Top Neighborhoods

If money were no object, and if the only object were local food joints, and you could suddenly live anywhere in the Boston area, where would it be? South End, North End, Cambridge, etc? Where is the best foodie locale?

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  1. Of course it really depends on what you like. I live in the North end and love it but not a whole lot of variety s to ethnic food., I think the South End has many more high quality and interesting restaurants and I prefer going there. I think characterizing Cambridge as a neighborhood might be a little misleading given its size - much as if you called Boston, ChinatownBack Bay, Fenway, North End and South End one neighborhood.

      1. How about this...If money were no object and I could build a giant soundproof barrier (sort of like the cone of silence from Get Smart) around the students swilling beer and yelling in the neighborhoods in Allston/Brighton, I would pick Brighton Avenue. Or maybe if money were no object, I could build a giant tower...something like that.

        1. If money were no object, I'd probably buy the nicest townhouse I could on Beacon Hill and take the T to Allston every day. :-b

          I know this doesn't help much, but.....

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          1. At the higher end, there's probably a great concentration in the SE. Allston/Brighton has great variety. Chinatown, North End, East Boston all have their gems. I don't get to Dorchester or JP but they seem to have worthwhile places.

            Fortunately, Boston is small enough that it's easy enough to get to most neighborhoods and I don't have to pick 1.