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Aug 8, 2004 01:38 AM


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My brothers Filipino girlfriend will be staying with us for a few days and I thought it would be nice to attempt to show her a small touch of home.

Are the restaurants here authentic? Which do you recommend? Are there shops in the area we should visit? Where exactly is this area?

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  1. Cerritos has many Filipino restaurants..Goldilocks, Red Ribbon, Chowking, Jollibee, Pinoy Pinay, DJ Bibingkahan. I've eaten at Goldilocks, Red Ribbon & Chowking..not as good as my mom's cooking, but pretty good.

    Actually, whenever I get together with my Filipino friends and family, we go to Sam Woo (also in Cerritos). It's actually Chinese, but on any given night, it's about 50% Filipinos. Any of the crab or shrimp dishes are awesome.

    1. Try Asian Noodles in Chinatown. The owner is a direct descendant of the Ma Mon Luk family that invented the popular "Mami" noodles. It's a breath of fresh air from the fastfood/cafeteria style filipino restaurants. I was there recently and really did enjoy myself. I recommend the Bulalo- a beef soup huge chunks of beef bones with tendon and meat, Sinugbang Tiyan- the grilled pork belly, the Prawns cooked in coconut milk.. and for desert 3 flavored ice cream )mango, coconut, and ube) topped with fried plantain and drizzled with a sweet syrup.

      Asian Noodles
      643 N. Spring St
      (213) 617-1083

      1. Try Max's of Manila in Glendale. I believe it's on Broadway? It's a very popular chain in the Philippines, famous for their fried chicken; brought my parents there and they enjoyed it immensely, esp. the pandan dessert ---

        It's sit down, not cafeteria style take out as Goldilocks or Manila Good Ha! are.

        Also, if she's familiar w/ Red Ribbon Bakery, also famous in the phillipines, you might want to take her to one; I believe there is on on Vermont.

        1. Filipinotown is south of the 101 along the Temple Beverly Corridor and it runs pretty much from Beaudry on the East to South Silverlake on the West. The designation is a historic one. It is mostly a Latino neighborhood now, though there are many Filipino civic and historic orgs in the area still, as well as some continued residents. I don't know of any good Filipino restaurants in the area or any shopping. Best to take the Glendale and Cerritos recommendations. Also, I have seen lines out the door at Red Ribbon, always a good sign, though I've never been.

          1. Historic Filipinotown proper:

            Bahay Kubo - Temple & Park View
            Aristocrat - Temple & Bonnie Brae
            Nanay Gloria - Temple & Carondelet
            Little Ongpin - Beverly & Union
            Kuya Eddie's Greenhills - Beverly & Occidental
            Kabayan Pinoy - Beverly & Hoover

            Non-Cafeteria style (turo turo) Filipino restaurants

            - Asian Noodles - Chinatown
            - LA Rose Café - Fountain (west of Vermont)

            - Salo Salo
            - Max’s of Manila
            - Asian Noodles (not as good as the Chinatown branch)

            Panorama City
            - Bistro Manila

            Santa Clarita
            - Hundred Islands Grill

            - Salo Salo
            - Magic Wok

            - Musikahan sa Lutong Bahay

            - Pinoy Bistro
            - Goldilocks
            - Zentro Bistro

            - Manila on Main
            - Maegan’s Grill

            West Covina
            - Salo Salo
            - Max’s of Manila
            - Bamboo Bistro

            Eagle Rock
            - Isla Buffet
            - Hapag Kainan Buffet
            - Goldilocks
            - Alejandro’s
            - Fiesta Sa Barrio