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May 18, 2009 12:16 PM

Asian Culinary in Temecula, CA > Mekong River

We really liked this Mekong River restaurant we found when the one we were going to patronize was found closed. We were very happy in the "sushi" bar area (though that special menu I didn't find online) I had sashimi and asian rolls and shared everyone elses special plates! LOL. One "appetizer" at the sushi bar was muscles on the shell with a very tasty sauce, creamy and just touch spicy. It is not "Abe top notch", but I was astounded.

Mekong River is good quality Asian, much variety, even "Benihana" tables. Service was very relaxed and efficient. Beautiful decor.

Has anyone else experienced this place? We went for lunch and just once so far, but am anxious to try more. So many places in Temecula are chains, so I looked it up on the internet for that. Doesn't seem to be a chain (per menus), though there are other restaurants by that name in other states. The Mekong River might make for a popular, expressive name for a restaurant?

Welcoming your opinions.

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