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May 18, 2009 12:07 PM

Child-friendly Vegas Recs

We are going to Vegas the weekend of May 29 with our 9-month old and staying at Encore. I just spoke with the concierge and none of the Wynn or Encore restaurants accept children under 5 years of age, except for the very casual ones. I'm looking for good, chow friendly, family-friendly dinner restaurants for Friday and Saturday night. We'd like to stay on the strip, and I'd like a nicer place for Saturday (husband's birthday). We plan to go early, like 6 pm, and aren't constrained by budget or food type. Just need a few places that won't balk if we bring our baby.

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  1. I'd suggest Bouchon at the Venetian; excellent food and not a stuffy atmosphere (although to be fair, I do not know if they have a rule regarding children, so you may want to check); they also offer outdoor seating although it may be too toasty for that. One plus of Bouchon is that you can walk there from the Encore.

    Nobhill at the MGM is also a possibilty; it's a Michael Mina place, with an upscale tavern vibe. They have an interesting menu and I would ask for one of the booths, which would allow you some additional space. Again, I don't know about their specific child policies.

    If you decide you might be willing to off strip, I'd suggest Todd's in Henderson; excellent food, and certainly okay for kids, especially on the early side. If you go, certainly let them know it is your husband's birthday and they will do a special dessert, etc.

    1. Aureole over at Mandalay Bay has "Swan Court" seating. Basically you have your own booth and you can walk outside to your own bench that looks at a pond with swans in it. Check with the restaurant about restrictions but this might be a good option as you can take the little one out to see the swans between courses. It isn't cheap but the food has always been top notch.