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May 18, 2009 11:55 AM

slider buns. anyone know where to buy eastside?

Making korean kalbi sliders this weekend for friends in town dying to try Kogi, which unfortunately will not be in our hood at any convenient time all weekend. So kalbi sliders and tacos it is, chez moi. Looking for slider buns, though. Anyone know where I might be able to find these?

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  1. It's not exact, but I think a pretty close approximation is the King's Hawaiian rolls that you can buy at Costco. They come 24 to a pack, and are more or less a perfect square that (if I were eating a slider) would probably be 3 bites or so.

    The only thing that I think might be a negative is that the rolls have a slightly sweet taste to them. It's not really a distraction for me, but I can see how some purists might not enjoy it. If you happen to be near a Costco, it might be worth your effort to do a taste test.

    1. Ralph's Market's in-house bakery makes a small roll they sell in bags of about 12 that works well for sliders.

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        Smart and final sells bags of potato dinner rolls I use them for sliders all the time. I've tried the kings Hawaiian and like kotatsu said they are sweet which for regular sliders I find off putting but for kalbi might be ok.

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          IIRC, the rolls for the Kogi sliders might be a little on the sweet side. Twas a few weeks ago though.

      2. Fresh & Easy sells Slider Buns right next to their Hamburger Buns

        1. Sounds like fantastic idea and probably much better use of your guests time (yours will probably be even better then Kogi too!) : ) We made something similar with vietnamese nem nuong (grilled pork patties) and just used ralphs dinner rolls, spread a bit of garlic butter on and toasted it on a grill... and then topped it with kimchi and fried shallots. instead of ketchup we use sriracha.

          photos after the jump


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