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May 18, 2009 11:46 AM

Mexican Restaurant Suggestion? [DFW]

I am looking for mexican restaurant suggestions in the North Dallas/Richardson/Plano area. It's for a friend's birthday, so I would prefer it not to be a "hole-in-the-wall" (even tho I realize some of the best tasting food places qualify to be just that). Any thoughts?

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  1. Richardson - Taqueiras el Fuego on Plano Road/Campbell. Authentic mexican, great food - but they are only open for breakfast/lunch

    Also - Amigos on Beltline close to Glenville. Family owned, great food. great service. We eat here at least once a week....highly recommend it - favorite dishes include the lasagna, enchiladas..and their mole sauce is great.

    Also - Dos Charros on Plano Road close to Beltline - great food here as well..also family owned. Make sure you try the beef fajita tacos, the tilapia and the brunch buffet on Sundays.

    1. I would suggest that the best of breed is Nuevo Leon in Farmers Branch on Josey.

      1. If you don't mind scooting just a touch to the west, Agave Azul in old downtown Carrollton (west side of I-35 south of Beltline) is one of our family favorites. I'm a bit of a margarita connoisseur and theirs are my absolute favorite. It's an attractive place with a nice food selection, many items featuring tequila in the sauces as the restaurant's name would suggest.