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May 18, 2009 11:46 AM

Kid Friendly- Mid-Town East

My sister is coming to town with my 10 month old nephew this weekend. We are looking for some kid friendly brunch and dinner ideas on the east side between the 30's up to the 60's. I don't have a child so I am at a loss. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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  1. Patsys for pizza on 34 and 3.
    Penelope for brunch on 31 and Lex

    1. Penelope Cafe is really cute- line starts to form early though.

      Also like Resto ( Belgian- yummy grown up food plus waffles.

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      1. re: christmascookie

        Agree with Penelope for brunch and Resto for either brunch or dinner.

      2. Check the Resto Menu before you go. may people find it difficult to find something they like. Nothing for vegetarians.

          1. Ali Baba, on 34th, b/t 2nd & 3rd. Very good Turkish food.