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May 18, 2009 11:37 AM

Pita Grill--Worst Falafel Ever!

Just had the singular worst falafel experience ever at Pita Grill on 7th Avenue & W26/27 Street in Chelsea. For starters, it seems they bake and not fry the falafel, which is probably the seeds of why their falafel sucks. The falafel I had was uncooked in the center and eating a mush of chickpea flavored ingredients does not make for good eating. And their standard issue "carrot tehina" is also appalling. I used to believe the old axiom that any falafel is good falafel until my run-in with Pita Grill. If you do go to this chain of NYC restaurants, do not order the falafel.

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  1. I hate everything there EXCEPT for the chicken rice bowl.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I love the chicken rice bowl also. The only other thing worth getting is the soups. I must have had 5 different ones and they are all excellent.

      1. re: LeahBaila

        Another +1 for the rice bowls. I agree that the rest of the menu is weak.

        BTW, chickpea also bakes its falafel--but they're a little better than Pita Grill's.

        cups123, excellent falafel can be had at Mamoun's or, IMO, Taksim or Sip Sak (both of which are sit-down and more pricey, esp. the latter).

      2. where is a good falafel place you recommend in the city?

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        1. re: cups123

          azuri on 51st (or is it 52nd?) off 10th avenue is the absolute tops in my book.

          while i've got sympathy for the idea of baked falafel -- weight watching and all -- the actuality just doesn't cut it.....

          1. re: david sprague

            I looked at their menu - if you order falafel to take out is it like a platter or a sandwich?

            1. re: cups123

              In midtown, Crisp, on 3d Avenue and 44th has very good falafel and hummus. Always packed. They bake their own pitas on site. The owner said they have now opened, or will open another location, in the west 40s. Maoz, in Union Square has great falafel, as does Rainbow, also off of Union Square. To me, the hummus quotient is almost important as the falafel. They both need to be great. Each of these three spots also has great hummus. For bread, or falafel/hummus friendly bread, Olympic Pita, on wet 39th, has great house made laffa bread, fresh out of the oven.

              I've never been happy at Pita Grill.

              1. re: cups123

                Murray's - on 1st Avenue between 15th/16th. Delicious falafel and pretty much everything else!

                1. re: cups123

                  My bf was going on and on and on about Moshe's Falafel truck y'day. Pretty good (although not the best sauce I've had). The large falafel may also be the BIGGEST falafel sandwich I've ever had. Couldn't finish it. I also recommend the fries...but you might want to share. Salty, delish, and lots of them!

                  1. re: harmony758

                    the half is usually enough for three-fifty, for four falafel balls and a little salad, it's a super filling lunch

                2. I had to go there a week ago for a quick bite and it tasted like someone spilled a salt shaker on my food.

                      1. re: sea97horse

                        tried pita joe.....excellent grilled chicken , felafel and and salads. Would still give taim overall edge though

                    1. While I've never tried it myself, I have heard rave reviews about pick a pita .