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May 18, 2009 11:31 AM

storing/using jalapenos

I was buying ingredients for salsa, and the store only had jalapenos in one-pound bags. They were cheap, and I didn't want to hit another store for just one ingredient, so I bought the bag, used three, and now I have 3/4 of a pound of jalapenos.

Any cool ideas on what to do with them? Any tips on how to best store them until I make another batch of salsa?

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  1. They keep awhile in the refrigerator or, if left on the counter, turn red, then dry out, and can be used for crushed peppers. You could do a quick pickle of jalapenos with or without other vegetables.

    1. you can wash them, toss them in a ziplock and freeze them. You can freeze either whole or chopped. If you want to roast them first, you can freeze after roasting.

      Recipe ideas: Jalapeno Poppers, Jalapeno cornbread, Jalapeno jelly

      1. Ruth - I always have a bag of jalapenos in the freezer. Chiles freeze beautifuly and just a short swipe under hot running water gets them ready to chop. I've not found deterioration of quality. Of course they're not in there long enough; they're added to so many dishes for that extra oomph.

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          Thanks! For some reason I thought chiles were one of the veggies that didn't freeze well.

          I might roast some as well.

        2. This candied jalapeƱo condiment ("cowboy candy") was a big hit amoung chowhounds last year. Sounds like a good use for a pile of chiles. Or you could make pickled jalapeƱos.

          1. When I have a hankering for green chile and poblanos or New Mexican chiles aren't available I use jalapenos that I've frozen after roasting, peeling, and deseeding. I usually cut into strips before freezing in a ziploc bag so that I can use them in quesadillas or tacos too, and they're easy to dice while frozen if I want to make green chile.