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May 18, 2009 11:19 AM

Former Chicago gal needs help

I will be in town with my SO, and I wanted to treat him to a good meal and want some feedback on places I never tried when I lived in town. I was thinking the menus at West Town Tavern, Magnolia Cafe and Bistro Campagne all looked good and were in my price range. Does anyone have any thoughts on these particular places, or likes a comprable place even more? Thanks much!

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  1. My husband and I like West Town Tavern very much. We've been probably a dozen times over the past five years. Occasionally, the hostess can be quite rude (not sure if she's still there), but all other staff are exceedingly helpful and pleasant. The food is very good as are the wine selections. I think Bistro Campagne is hit or miss; I've never been to Magnolia Cafe. A couple of other suggestions: Cafe Absinthe or Hot Chocolate. Good luck!

    1. I like Bistro Campagne, and their outdoor dining area is a great place to enjoy a meal on a nice night.

      1. I loved Perennial when I visited last December and its sous vide amish chicken one of the most memorable dishes I've had in 2008. It's definitely within your price range and is a tad more formal than West Town but still very comfortable.

        And while I haven't been to Spring yet, in light of the recession, they've recently lowered their menu prices by at least $10, putting it into the more affordable range. Spring has an excellent CH pedigree, hence my reservations for this weekend!