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May 18, 2009 10:26 AM

New BBQ-Gettysburg

I was out an about this weekend coming back from the Carlisle area and came across a new BBQ place in Gettysburg. For those familer with the town, it is located on the Taneytown Rd, near RT 15 just behind Little Round Top. This used to be an ice cream, burger place, possibly called the Chuckwagon...I forget.

Anyway, the menu is now BBQ and I have to say, quite tasty. The meats are all smoked there onsite and include pit beef, chicken and pork. We tried all the sandwiches and found all the meats to be outstanding. On the weekends they are doing ribs (babybacks) at a reasonable deal, $9 for a half, $18 a full rack. We also tried a smoked brat....enh.

The sides....well, we only tried one and quickly realized it was from the local Giant (not the Giant we have in the DC area...). It was th Amish potato doubt about it. There was one sauce and we were debating whether or not it was from a jar or not....still undecided.

Overall the meat was great, but only available in sandwiches, no platters. A nice, cheap, alternative to Chubby's, which I feel is terribly overpriced for the area.

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  1. Stopped by there this weekend. It's called Corbin's. Looks like an ice cream stand (and also does serve ice cream). The sandwiches are about $5. I had the pulled pork. It had a nice flavor, but it was a little dry. The staff is young but friendly. Didn't try the sides.

    A nice place nearby the battlefield. However I don't know if it's ready to unseat Chubby's yet as part of my semi-annual trip up there.

    1. Stopped by again this past weekend. This is trip #3 and there have been a few changes since that first trip. They have added a steak sandwich, a NYC strip and crabcakes....interesting choices. The ribs are only on the weekends and what were once a huge half rack for $9 was a much smaller order for the same price. The best addition were the baked beans. It's nice to see they are trying.