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May 18, 2009 10:10 AM

Favorite cannoli in DFW?

I'd like to get a list going of who makes some good cannoli around DFW.

Considering I'd only want a serving of cannoli, I'd prefer a stand alone bakery, pastry shop, or a pizza-by-the-slice establishment, versus a place that would have a full-blown Italian wining/dining experience. The cannoli *must* be filled to order.

I don't mind if they have different kinds of filling (pistachios with or without, citrus peel, semi sweet bits) as well as having chocolate covered shells, so please also mention any other variations if they are available.

My list so far includes Maestro's, Angelo's and Grimaldi's. I've been to Maestro's and I'll save the evaluation after I've tried a couple more places. Looking forward to hearing what else is worth checking out!

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  1. My husband really likes the cannoli to go at Jimmy's Food Store. They fill them while you wait.

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      You really want a place that fills them when you are there, if not they will be soggy. Convinos in Plano also generally does a decent job all though I have not had one there in a couple of years. I guess I am just spoiled by many trips to Boca Raton and one of the best Italian Delis around.

      1. re: irodguy

        Actually, it sounded to me that Jimmy's is a local Italian grocery/specialty item shop and you'd get filled to order. So you'd order the cannoli, do your shopping while they fill it, and pick it up on the way out?

        1. re: air

          You could. They're fairly quick about it, so usually we just stand and wait at the deli counter.

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            Jeff or John can both fill them. Jeff is my man so I always ask for him.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              Jeff is "my man" at Jimmy's. Although, everyone there is helpful, IMO, Jeff has the friendliest personality.

    2. I've never had them out. I make them with the Mozzarella Company's ricotta. Do we know of anyone in the DFW area who uses Paula's ricotta for their cannolis? It's so good.

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        I had a conversation with a worker at Sammy's Pizza and Pasta in Fort Worth, and he had mentioned that a lot of pizzerias/Italian eateries in the area get ricotta (and most ingredients in general) from Lisanti. The 'better' pizza by the slice pizzerias are pretty similar and I hope all cannoli are not made equal. I'll definitely look out for anyone who uses Paula's; the only other distributor I'd heard of is Roma.

        My list has gotten bigger after doing more research. So far I have hit Maestro's, Jimmy's Food Store and Sammy's. Remaining are Grimaldi's, Angelo and Vito's, Covino's, Tony's Pizza & Pasta, Two Guys From Italy, and Cafe Amore. Please feel free to throw in more recommendations.

      2. The original comment has been removed