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May 18, 2009 10:01 AM

Mediterranian Fresh on Hollywood Blvd.

Been passing by for a few months, and was VERY excited to see a new, casual mediterranian restaurant near the 'hood. Finally went the other day for a quick lunch. Walked in, music was LOUD. Guy behind the counter was very nice, and turned it down a bit. The place strikes me as an order/pay at the counter place, but I was told to grab a table, and the same guy behind the counter gave me full service. Got a falafel pita, and an order of dolmas. And a lemonade. Unfortunitely, the had just ran out of dolmas. (I had seen the last plate being delivered, and they looked great). The sandwich was big and delicious. It came with extra pita, hummus and a small salad. I was glad to get the hummus, didn't really care about the salad. But guess what? The salad turned out to be AMAZING. It was just greens and dressing, but wow! The dressing was so good! I asked how they made it, and the server thought it was just olive oil, lemon and salt. My bill was about $13. I will absolutely go there again, the food was great and the service was wonderful. If nothing else, it will become my go-to to-go place.

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  1. Good to know. We live right around the corner and pass there by practically every day. Noticed they have eased off on the eardrum-crushing volume of the music recently, which has really put us off from trying it before now. We've been going to the place next to Sushi Ike, which has been consistently yummy, but sometimes are just not in the mood for so long a walk to get some falafel.

    1. Yes thank you for the information. I too, go by there every day and it just don't seem very appealing. I am not exciting about the hookah smoking outside.

      I think they also have certificates avaialbe on now if you want to get a discount.

      We'll see how long they last. They never seem to be too overly busy.

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        Just wanted to follow up, since we finally got a chance to eat at Kubar tonight. I'll probably post a review with pics later, but just in case ...

        It was pretty good, though nothing to get too exercised about. The prices are decent, for H'wood Blvd area anyway, and they have some good dishes you can't get at the smaller places (like spinach fatayer, which is VERY good there). The usual stuff like falafel, kefta, chicken, etc. I honestly like a bit better at Alwazir about a mile up H'wood (near the 101 in the same plaza as Sushi Ike).

        Comparing the falafel, I think it's a preference thing; I like mine crisp outside/lighter inside and prefer to have tahini on the side, where Kubar does them a bit more heavy and dense inside and drizzles tahini rather than letting you have sauce.

        The chicken, I liked better at Alwazir too. Theirs has a subtle seasoned flavor and is more crisp outside/juicy inside, while Kubar's was a bit dry in the white meat, very bland, and not as crisp. Their toomeh (garlic sauce), however, was REALLY GOOD. The pita, sadly, was pretty sucky and store-bought-looking.

        Alwazir also includes hummus with their dishes, which Kubar doesn't for higher prices. Kubar, however, has a nicer atmosphere and the opportunity to watch the human zoo walk by while having a nice pull on a hooka after your meal, so there's that.

        1. re: Tom P

          Kubar Mediterranean Cafe & Hooka Bar
          6669 Hollywood Blvd
          Hollywood, CA 90028
          (323) 463-3552 phone