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May 18, 2009 09:51 AM

Lunch near Ft. Lauderdale Airport

I will be coming in to Ft. Lauderdale Airport on Sunday morning and will need to kill a few hours until my traveling companions arrive.

Can anyone reccommend something convenient to the airport for lunch/brunch on Sunday? Would prefer something typical of South Florida (seafood, cuban, etc.)

On a similar note, is there any gourmet market or wine shops close by where we could stock up a cooler for our trip to the Keys?


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  1. Bimini Boatyard on 17th street, seafood, nice atmosphere, outdoor seating available. Southport Raw Bar on Cordova (also in 17th street area) , a little more downscale, but good food, friendly casual atmosphere. Rustic Crab House, near the airport but opposite side of the 17th street area. It's rustic, casual, great crabs but , for me, it's more of a place to go with people. I don't know a good cuban place in the area.

    There is a Total Wine store on 17th street close to the airport. Huge wine selection. Opens at noon on Sunday. There is a Publix supermarket in the same shopping center.

    Hope you enjoy your vist.

    1. Take US 1 north to the 17th St. Causeway. ( About 2 miles from airport)
      Turn Right ( East) on 17th St.
      There are several restaurants along the way toward the bridge. Bimini BoatYard as mentioned by a previous reader is good.
      If you want to go a bit further, cross the bridge and continue North until you get to the beach ( about 2 more miles).
      You'll see several restaurants: Bubba Gumps Shrimp Place, etc.
      To park in that area - go to Las Olas Blvd. ( Elbow Room is on the corner).
      Turn L on Las Olas, then turn Left again at the light ( before the bridge). There's plenty of parking on your left and you can easily walk to several of the restaurants, plus you'll be right on the beach.

      1. Besides Total Wine on Cordova (which by the way, has a Publix next door), there's a gourmet food store right on 17thStreet on the west side of the road just off Federal Highway. I have never been in there, but I've heard good things about it.

        1. Thanks everyone. This is just what I needed!
          (And my husband is a Southport Raw Bar fan, so even better!)