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May 18, 2009 09:25 AM

Houston Museum District recs

Hi Hounds,

NYC hound has an afternoon to spend in Houston and am planning on a visit to the Museum District (the Menil, the Cy Twombly Gallery, Rothko Chapel, Dan Flavin)

I could either leave my meeting (I'll be at the 4 Seasons) and have lunch before visiting, or visit the spots later and get dinner at around 7 in that neighborhood. I am rather ambivalent about whether I lunch or dine in that area, but if there are better options for one meal vs. the other, that will help.

I'd prefer BBQ, Tex-Mex, Mex, Cajun, Vietnamese, as these are local specialities that NYC doesn't do that well. I'd prefer to stay away from French and Italian as we do that great here. Steak or 'cowboy fare" (if that even exists as a category) would be an option too. I don't care about price or level of formality: can be a dive, can be 4 star.

I will not be renting a car.

Many thanks.

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  1. Just to clarify, you are looking for places in walking distance from either the four seasons downtown or the museums that you listed? How are you going to get from the four seasons to the museums without a car?

    I think your best bet might be Hugo's. I've never been there but it's been on my list to try for ages, and it gets great reviews. Hopefully someone else will chime in with fist-hand experience. It's about a half mile walk from the Menil.

    Some other options to consider would include:
    Chupultepec on Richmond - it's a dive, but the food is usually good and cheap. About a mile walk. La Mexicana on Fairview is also good. It's probably just over a mile.

    Goode Company BBQ on Kirby is good, but pretty far to walk.

    1. If heading to the Menil/Rothko Chapel etc you'll be in the Richmond/Mandell area... Montrose/Westheimer is a few short blocks away.. I'd second the Hugo's recommendation for terrific Interior Mexican food.. The pork dishes are exceptional (Carnitas and a pulled pork dish) as is the duck mole and some terrific refried beans and aps... Follow the servers suggestions as the do have "seasonal" specials.. If visiting on Sunday,, visit Hugo's for the brunch (best in town) Reservation required otherwise the wait will kill ya.
      Also near the Montrose/Westheimer intersect,, a short ride away in MidTown you'll find terrific Vietnamese fare... cheap and tasty.. Van Luc or Mai's are a best bet.
      You'll find a terrific Thai restaurant,, Nidda Thai Rest near the Montrose/Westheimer area...Nothing fancy inside but terrific Thai food. Across the street is Mo Mong a hip Mom and Pop Vietnamese fusion rest with an industrial interior look.. Greek fast food can be had at Niko Niko...
      Downtown, hit Vic and Anthony's for a terrific steak! Also,, if the Astro's happen to be playing that night,, grab dinner at Irma's SouthWestern Grill on Texas Ave.. This restaurant is run by Irma's son's (her rest is nearby) and this is the one u want for TexMex.. Terrific hot sauces,, the fish taco's are great and the enchilada's (chicken and cheese) are terrific. Only open for lunch on weekdays and evenings when the Astro's are in town and they begin closing by the time the first pitch is thrown.. Enjoy!

      (orig from Paterson NJ)