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Confused...don't Philadelphians like brunch?

Heading to Philadelphia for the weekend and trying to find a nice brunch place. I'm running across what look like great spots - Ansill, Audrey Claire, Alma de Cuba - but they're only open for dinner. And great brunch/lunch suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Just a few of my faves...Cafe Lift, Sabrina's, Valanni, Meme, Caribou Cafe, El Vez, Mixto..and of course Lacroix (when money is no object)

    1. There are tons of popular brunch spots. I tend to find that brunch can be a bit of a crapshoot at the busy places, because they're all so frantic that service and food can suffer. With the money it costs I sometimes don't like to risk that, so I often do dim sum, where I know it's going to be good all the time. For that, I recommend Ocean Harbor on Race St, but get there early (10.30-11) or you'll be waiting a while. If you want a more Latin American brunch, Cuba Libre is good, as is Mixto, with wonderful pitchers of drinks. I can's speak for Honey's or Sabrina's as I've not been, but they are very popular. If you want to splurge, and are hungry, go to the brunch buffet at Lacroix in the Rittenhouse. It's pretty outrageous. Have fun!

      1. Southwark, Beau Monde, La Croix, North 3rd

        1. If you want a really good brunch look no further than Fork.

          1. Went to Kanella for brunch this weekend and it was fantastic.

            Ansill used to be open for brunch, but I guess they aren't anymore.

            Lacroix is great for a fancy brunch, and at the low-end, I like the Royal Tavern (http://royaltavern.com/)

            1. Marigold Kitchen (listed recently in Bon Appetit as one of 10 brunch spots of note in the US), Standard Tap, and Meme are our go-to's.

              There are dozens more.

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                Thanks so much Boognish. How's the wait at Meme's typically?

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                  Well, we tend to show up around 11:15-11:30 and are usually some of the first people in. BUT, by 12:15 or so, it's pretty full. So go earlier than later! They might even take reservations. Not sure.

                  Good luck!

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                  I just had a great brunch meal at Marigold Kitchen. Everyone in our party was very happy with the food that was more upscale versions of familiar brunch items. Also, the prices are very reasonable.

                3. Lots of fantastic suggestions here...many thanks all!

                  1. Recently tried Honey's Sit & Eat in Northern Liberties for the first time, and it was fantastic. We made sure to get there at opening to avoid a long wait. Definitely more casual than fancy.

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                      Second Honey's. It gets very crowded so be prepared to wait a bit if you get there at peak hours...

                    2. I was visiting Phila. last week and noticed that Parc at Rittenhouse Square starts Sunday brunch at 10 a.m. Boy, that's a noisy place!

                      1. I recommend Parc, Cuba Libre and Tinto. All have a very good brunch. Sabrina's is pretty good and a little cheaper than the others, but you will probably have to wait. I have been to all of them recently and they were very good.

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                          I haven't been to Sabrina's in a while (only because I moved further away from it), but one reason I used to go there for brunch was that they open early, 8 AM. The crowds don't really show up until 10 AM at the earliest, so if you're willing to go a little early, there's no waiting. I used to go around 9 AM and never had to wait.

                        2. Sabrina's, Beau Monde, Morning Glory (slow), Honey's Sit and Eat, Marigold, Carmen's Country Kitchen. Sabrina's has the wait yes, but you can call ahead before you leave your house and get on the list.

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                            hehe, you call morning glory slow, but not sabrina's?

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                              I've never had a good experience at Morning Glory. Horrendous wait, slow (and rude) service, "meh" food. Definitely not somewhere I'd go out of my way for...or go to, period.

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                                I sort of agree, and was hesitant to recommend it, but some of my friends just love it. I've always liked their fritattas, but good lord the service is bad.
                                As for Sabrina's, the one by my house on Callowhill is never so slow.

                            2. i would love to know where you were looking that didn't give brunch options. philly is all about the brunch....silly rabbit. :)

                              some of my favies - morning glory, royal tavern, beau monde, fitzwater cafe, ida mae's, standard tap, honey's, cafe lift, north third.

                              1. Somehow through 18 replies the absolute best brunch in the city has been neglected. You want to hit up Cafe Estelle at 444 N. 4th Street. No one I have sent there has ever been disappointed. (And they make an excellent croque madam).

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                                  oh YEAAH. that breakfast pizza is pretty awesome.

                                2. The problem with Philadelphia brunch, as you've seen in the comments, is that there are so few brunch spots, they tend to overfill very quickly. That leaves people giving you advice like GO EARLY - which sort of defeats the purpose of brunch and turns into breakfast, don't you think? More brunch please, Philly!

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                                    Mezza Luna has a very good brunch. When we were there on a Sunday morning it was almost empty. This is a shame as the brunch was varied and delicious. May be because they just recently started serving brunch.

                                  2. My favorite joints are: Honey's, Royal Tavern, National Mechanics, and Cantina Los Caballitos.