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May 18, 2009 09:17 AM

RIP Fiddleheads, Royal Oak MI

Saw the for lease sign outside the building...

Sucks--I liked the place but it was a bit spendy to go frequently. Not the best location either

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  1. Hour magazine had a one-liner on it this month. I liked it too, but it was in an odd place for dinner out and their lunch menu was a bit pricey. For some reason that made me think of Il Posto and that has also closed. If someone posted here I didn't see it.

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      before it was fiddleheads, it was a restaurant called "ann sayles." my wife and i used to take her grandmother there once in a while as it was one of her favorite places (along with the bronze wheel in redford/livonia). it was a senior citizens hot spot with very unremarkable food - but she loved it so we went.