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May 18, 2009 08:48 AM

Casual, Budget Dinner Sat Night

The title says it all. My husband and I will be in town Memorial Day weekend. We're doing a two parter lunch on Saturday. Early at Bayona to try their lunch special and a late one at Cochon. Since we're stuffing ourselves for lunch, dinner will probably be late. I need budget suggestions in or near the Quarter. It would be a big plus if the dinner place had excellent drinks as well.

Thank you!


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  1. Depending on the time, you could try EAT! on Dumaine. It is BYOB, but we always take in a nice bottle of wine and the food is great and budget friendly! Madina's on Canal is great as well.

    1. After Bayona and Cochon, I don't think you're gonna want a real sit down dinner. I'd saddle up to the bar at Coop's -- which usually serves food until at least midnight -- order your drinks, and nosh on whatever appeals to you from their extensive menu of tasty food.

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        Something like this would be perfect! Thank you.

          1. re: megany09

            COOP's is a great suggestion and very affordable. You can just order appetizers or split an entree if yall are hungry again

            1. re: amykragan

              We ate at Coops two Friday's ago. The Rabbit/Andouille Jambalaya should not be missed!!

              1. re: skydogg

                The jambalaya at Coops is the best in the city IMHO.

                1. re: ScarlettNola

                  Planning my trip is keeping me hungry round the clock...the train cannot get to Memphis early enough on Friday morning!

        1. Felipe's on Decatur. belly up to the bar for some killer margaritas and good Mexican food.

          open til 3 am on Sat's.

          1. I'd head over to Rio Mar. The food is consistently excellent, but not at all heavy. Sometimes, my husband and I just order a few appetizers - ceviche tasting is a must, as are the mussels with chorizo. The bartenders there have a lot of fun mixing up cocktails like caipirinhas, and they've got a good wine list. The restaurant has a casual and fun atmosphere, and you can walk out of there delightfully satisfied without having spent too much money.