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May 18, 2009 08:34 AM

Northhampton Eats

Hi all,

Am headed to Northhampton for the first time this weekend and am wondering where to eat on Saturday night--love good food and wine--coffee on Sunday and perhaps a fun, casual lunch. Noticed last post on the board was in 2004...thanks for any advice.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try again under heading of Northampton restaurants, there are tons of entries and discussions, all with current (2009) postings.

      1. This coming weekend is graduation weekend for UMass - most places will be a lot more crowded than usual. I think most posters on this board will agree that Green Street Cafe is an option for dinner (and brunch).

        1. Agree with both posters. Make sure you are searching "Northampton" with one "h." Also, Green Street is your best bet. Make a reservation, though.

          1. Sidestreet Cafe in Florence (still part of Northampton, minutes from the center of town). Great food. We love the shrimp and crab appetizer and the blackened scallops to name a few (had one mediocre dish - the catfish. It was bland). Service can be slow, wine is barely serviceable if you like good wine, but I can deal since the food is best I've had in the area. If anyone knows a restaurant in Northampton with a great wine list, please let me know! It's been very hard for us to find great food in Northampton and Sidestreet does a nice job. We do like breakfast and coffee at Green Bean. We also go to a roadside fried fish shack (in Williamsburg I think)serving lobster rolls (okay, not great) on weekends located on rt 9 at a nursery (not the golf range one). There's an ice cream shack there too and they are usually quite generous with the hot fudge! It's local and it's fun. Too bad it's not scenic. Northampton has many strengths but great restaurants is not one of them.