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May 18, 2009 08:13 AM

6 cans of artichoke hearts

So, I did some "spring cleaning" of the kitchen pantry and found 6 cans of artichoke hearts tucked way in the back. Thinking I should be using those up fairly quickly, as they must have been there for a while. Looking for some recipe suggestions. Will be doing artichoke dip for Mem Day weekend. Looking for some other appetizer or main dish suggestions, have pretty well stocked pantry. Thanks Chowhounds in advance!

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  1. use a can, sliced, with some nice white fish, sauteed in olive oil/butter, with capers and fresh tomato. toss on some minced fresh parsley or oregano or basil, to taste -- at the very last.

    you can also do a fennel and artichoke gratin with parmesan cheese and butter.

    i love spinach and artichoke stuffing for shells, or you can put them in phyllo layers.

    make some mini-pizzas with artichoke, garlic, ricotta and fontina.

    1. - make an artichoke pesto to serve over pasta, chicken, or fish
      - chop artichokes and sundried tomatoes and mix with ricotta and shredded mozzarella- use in lasagna

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        Add to a light salad composed of orzo pasta, salt and pepper, cherry tomatos, diced celery or cucumbers, feta or goat cheese and your artichokes with a smidge of the juice. You can also make turkey divan with artichokes.

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          I love it in pasta too - I make an artichoke, preserved lemon and crab linguine. Jeebus - it's divine.

        2. When I visited an out-of-state friend, she made a grown-up version of tuna noodle casserole which included artichoke hearts and sauteed mushrooms. I know she made a cream sauce including muenster cheese but am not sure if there was any canned cream of mushroom soup. It was surprisingly good comfort food!

          1. At least one can goes in my Mixed Seafood, Andouille & Artichoke Heart Paella

            1. Artichoke hearts are good with pasta in my opinion, with tomato-based sauce or hummus. Good on pizza, too.