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going to Moscow?

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Hi everybody!

It is so very exciting to read what people think about Russian food.
Start to look at things differently, start to enjoy what you have not enjoyed before.
Thanks for your comments & feedback! :)

I am Russian so you can ask me something about Russia, Moscow in particular, who knows, maybe I will help you somehow ;)

I can also help with transfer from the airport to the place of destination in Moscow.

If you want to get in touch with me, my personal e-mail is

Best regards,

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  1. any ideas on where to get the best selection of fresh herbs and spices in april? i am doing a presentation there mid-april, and i would love to buy what's in season (if anything is in season).

    1. Hi Vasilisa,
      I am planning a Moscow/St Petersberg trip in May...
      what are your recommendations for MUST EAT in moscow and st petersberg?
      any suggestion is much appreciated..

      1. Hello Vasilisa,

        I have recently discovered Russian & Eastern European food through friends & I find it very exciting.
        I am contemplating coming to Moscow to learn about Russian & Eastern European cuisine. I would like to do a cooking course & eat traditional Russian & Eastern European food while I am there. I am a proffesional chef working in michelin star restaurants for over twenty years. So I will learn very fast, but would still like to learn the basic tradition dishes using authentic ingredients.
        I would be very grateful if you could assist me & suggest a possible ittinery for me.

        Kind regards,

        Simon Fowler