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May 18, 2009 08:03 AM

New Yorker looking for quintissential Boston Cheap Eats

I'm going to Boston for Memorial Day weekend to see the Red Sox take on the Mets at Fenway (Go Mets!)

Are there any places to eat that are must haves for out of towners (at 20$ or less per person on food - up to 30 if it's something so amazing) both including restaurants and other food stands or carts or anything? Any location within the city, or nearby outside is fine. Thanks.

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  1. Silvertone's on bromfield Street
    The original Regina's Pizza on thacher Street (NE)
    Speeds hot dogs at Newmarket

    I am confident that you will soon hear from others on this Board who will give you lots of Chinatown suggestions

    1. Kelly's Roast Beef on Revere Beach for (naturally) roast beef sandwiches and decent fried clams. Should be hopping if the weather's nice.

      1. There have been a number of "cheap eat" threads recently; I don't think the recommendations change just because you're a Mets fan. That said, as someone who splits his time between NYC and Boston (but is a Sox fan!), among the deliciousness I seek out in Boston that I can not find in NYC:

        -- A chacarero sandwich from Chacarero. I know that one can find a chacarero somewhere in Queens, but it's unfathomable that it's as well prepared as this glorious sandwich from one of the two downtown locations. (I've had chacareros in Chile, where they are native, and they haven't been as good.) Note that they are not open on weekends or Memorial Day, so this only will work if you're in town on Friday.

        -- A Speed's hot dog. Do a search and you will learn all you need to know. Eat your heart out Papaya King.

        -- A lamb and beef gyro from the Farm Grille in Newton. There must be a place in NYC (Astoria, perhaps) to get a gyro this good, but I haven't found it yet!

        -- The Super 88 food court. Imagine being able to go to one place that's like a Queens greatest hits of Asian food. I particularly like the bi bim bob in a hotpot from the Korean stall, and the bahn mi from the Vietnamese stall, which is every bit as good as the Banh Mi Saigon Bakery on Mott Street.

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          neptune oyster if you can get in; lobster maybe at Yankee Lobster; eastern standard kitchen near fenway if you can get in for great drinks and barfood

          1. re: Blumie

            The banh mi at Super 88 is ok but doesn't touch Ban Mi Saigon. Lets keep things real.