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May 18, 2009 08:03 AM

New kosher place in Gowanus/Carroll Gardens

One of the down sides of Jewish life in Park Slope is that there's nothing at all kosher in the area. We had a pizza shop years ago, but it wasn't very good and didn't last very long. Now that has changed.

Olga's on Smith just opened a fortnight ago, on Smith and 4th Sts, about halfway between the Carroll St and Smith/9th Sts stations on the F train. It's a milchig cafe, with an interesting-looking menu, which is not yet online. Here's are some reviews:

I have yet to check it out myself, but I've tried Olga's food at some events she's catered in the past, and some time ago she had soups and salads for sale at Shoprite, which were good.

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  1. I don't see a phone # or who's hashchacha they're under. you have any more info?

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      Address: 407 Smith Street
      Phone: 347-335-0981
      Hechsher: OK

      If you're on Facebook,

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        I will have to walk over from my Dwtn B'klyn office and check it out. funny that no one working in the dwtn area has heard of the place

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          just spoke to Rabbi Raskin from Bnai Avraham shul in dwtn B'klyn. It's officially under the O-K labs and he says the food is good too.

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            It's really far from Downtown Brooklyn walking-wise! But I just spoke with Olga and she told me that they will deliver here. I haven't tried the food yet because I just found out about it this morning, but I told her that if the food is good I will be more than happy to spread the word to all my colleagues. G-d willing they will stick around!!

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              it's .99 miles from my office per hopstop. I saw the delivery option on the menu they faxed me yesterday.

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                1.11 miles for me. Maybe when the weather gets real nice. Hopstop shows only a 5 minute difference using the G train vs walking (22min vs 27min).

      2. I went tonight and ordered two salads to go - Asian cucumber and roasted tomoatoes - they were both divine. The other food looked very good, too. Healthy, delicious and very inexpensive.

        1. I ordered soup (corn chowder that day) and a salad from them. I loved the soup: usually corn chowder is cream-based and very heavy; this corn chowder seemed to be vegetable-broth based and was light and yet extremely flavorful. It had cut-up veggies in it (other than just corn kernels) and needed no salt or pepper. It came with a delicious roll but I was so into the soup that I totally forgot to dip the roll in it! Also the portion for the soup was quite large.

          The salad was good but it's hard for me to get very excited about salad, and I'm not sure I loved the dressing (the vegan dill).

          Delivery took a long time to my office, but Olga herself delivered it and she apologized for not knowing where anything in the neighborhood is yet. I imagine efficiency will come in time. I hope this restaurant makes it and I look forward to sampling more of their menu!

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          1. re: kosherfoodie

            If you live in the area, and want to sample more of Olga's cooking, come to Congregation Bnai Jacob this Thursday night (1st night of Shovuos) for a dairy dinner catered by Olga, and a talk by Rabbi Manis Friedman. 401 9th St, between 6th and 7th Aves. RSVP to

            1. re: zsero

              Tried Olga's for the first time last evening- enjoyed ginger salmon with two sides-- Israeli couscous and Asian cucumber salad. The sweetened nana (mint) iced tea was also enjoyable. Look forward to going back. Clean, neat, simple with delicious food at a reasonable price and close to the subway.

              Brunch and menu changes are sometimes posted on their website and/or Facebook page.

              1. re: whitewater

                I had eggplant parmigan there a month ago. I wasn't impressed