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Farmers Markets ect. - week of May 18th

Since the Copley Square Farmers' Market opens tomorrow, (11 am to 6 pm) I thought I'd start the weekly updates for reports on Farmers Markets, CSAs, and other local, fresh food.

The Prudential Center Market opens Thursday the 21st also 11 am to 6 pm.

City Hall ( Monday and Wednesdays) and Davis Square (Wednesdays) open on the 27th.

Central Square June 1st.

Brookline opens June 18th

Here's link for more information on the rest of the area. And, I'm sure the hounds will report on their local markets and CSAs.


Has anyone been to the SOWA Open Market? While that's not a farmers market there have been farms and bakeries there in the past. Anyone know who's there this year?

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  1. Actually, there now IS a farmer's market in the south end ---right near the SOWA Open Market --debuted this weekend (as did the SOWA open market). It's just a 1 minute walk down the street in the Rocca parking lot ---Russo's produce I believe, and some really beautiful looking fruits and vegetables, plus some great deals. $2 for a 2 lb box of strawberries (no, not local, but really sweet and delicious); $2 for a big bag of red or green grapes, plus all sorts of greens, assorted veggies --we picked up some fiddleheads too. Will apparently be here every Sunday from now till...? Sept? Oct? in that Rocca parking lot. Very much looking forward to it ---fills a huge void in the south end, i think.

    And yes, there are still a few vendors at the SOWA market; Clear Flour, Silverbrook farms, (i think) and a few others...I think it'll ramp up as the season opens up more. All good.

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      Russo's is also doing a Tuesday Market at MIT in Cambridge. I keep trying to get over there but every Tuesday seems to be booked lately. I don't know if they will continue it once the students leave for the summer.

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        We saw them open this past Saturday on our way up to Xinh Xinh.

    2. The market in South Boston opened earlier this year and with new vendors. I'm hoping they're not too upscale for Southie-they have coolers of organic meats and eggs as well as the usual suspects.

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        Where and when is the South Boston market????

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          On West Broadway between F St and Dorchester St. It's on Monday nights 10-6. Just 2 vendors but they both had breads and pastries in addition to the meats and eggs and veggies. Oh yeah, one of them had flowers (pansies) and fresh herbs too.

      2. Thanks for the update on the Davis Sq dates - it looks like they are starting a week earlier than the website said the last time I checked!

        1. For the last couple of weeks I've gotten fiddleheads, ramps, asparagus, microgreens, and arugula from Verrill Farms. The fiddleheads and ramps are from western MA (I think) and everything else is theirs. The microgreens were especially good. I also bought a bunch of herb pots from them.

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            Link to Verrill Farms

            Verrill Farm
            11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

          2. Anybody know if the Fort Point market is coming back? There was one two years ago, but last year it was closed.

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              If you mean the Boston Public Market at South Station, Yes, it will be back.


              May 28th-October 30th, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:30 am - 6:30 pm

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                That's Dewey Sq.

                I haven't seen any signs for the market that used to be on the bridge over Ft Point Channel from 2 years ago.

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                  I'll ask one of the farmers when I see them. I think Sienna Farms used to do that one,

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                    As I understand it, the Dewey Square market was originally a substitute for the market on the Northern Ave. Bridge (the one you were referring to). So I doubt that bridge location will be revived. I'm glad to see the Dewey Sq. location is running again this year after its hiatus, although when I went last week there were only 2 stands selling produce and the rest was plants and flowers. When Pigs Fly bread is there also. Maybe more vendors will appear as the season progresses.

              2. Just got back from the Copley Market. Mostly potted plants and baked goods today. Siena Farms was there with a variety of early spring greens (arugla, pea tendrils, salad mix) as well asparagus (their own plus Verrill Farm's), baby turnips, radishes, and a few other things. The asparagus in particular looked great, but it probably already sold out (it was going fast).

                Atlas Farms had spectacularly delicious strawberries -- the first local strawberries I've seen. No idea how they got them so early, but they are incredibly tasty (and pricey, at $5.50 a pint).

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                  We must have bumped into each other -- literally.

                  Siena's arugula, pea tendrils, mesclun and cress is currently a delicious salad for my lunch. Their asparagus did look beautiful as did their radishes.

                  Atlas' strawberries were flying out of there! And they had a great variety of plants. I grew some of their tomatoes last year and they were terrific. I plan to pick up some on my way home tonight.

                  All the regulars, not much new (except the Danish bakery thingie ... is that new?)

                  Seemed like most places were doing a good business.

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                    We should do a Copley Lunch Meet Up at the market! I'll organize it over a BostonZest in a couple of weeks. I was there too today. Yes those berries are so good. I'm trying to be good and save half for my husband.

                    Danish Pastry House has been at the City Hall and Provincetown Markets in the past and of course you can go to their locations in Watertown and Medford.


                    I tried one of their German chocolate cupcakes ($3.00) today and it was very good. Better tasting than some of the cupcake places offerings.

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                      That's exactly what I bought from them, too. I agree that it was better than what's sold at many of the "cupcake places." Particularly with the texture.

                      I'd love to do a meetup!

                2. The Natick's Farmer's Market opened a few weeks back. Today's highlights included Chestnut Farms (they had chicken, pork, hamburger and steak), a new organic farm from Dover with lovely produce (radishes, arugula, chard, kale, herbs, etc.), delicious breads from Hi Rise Bakery in Ashland and a few assorted flower/plant/sweet stands.


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                    Curious - does Chestnut offer sales of their meats to the general public at the farmers' markets where they distribute CSA's? And if so, do they only do so when there is extra available?

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                      Chestnut Farm's CSA pick-ups are separate from the farmers' markets where they sell. When they are at a farmers' market they have an assortment of items that anyone can choose from.

                      Speaking of the Chestnut Farm CSA, does anyone have any idea how long the waiting list is? I signed up last July or August via their website, and so far, nada.

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                        Kim said in a recent email that the they had a waiting list that was 6 months or more - I would send her an email at kimfarm@mindspring.com.

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                          Thanks, I will try that. It's certainly been a lot longer than 6 months for me... almost a year now. I hope they did not have some kind of database failure. The quality of their meat is superb. Plus, I did get an invitation to the open house last fall (open farm?) and I was very impressed with what I saw.

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                            Thank you so very much, Small Plates! I wrote to Kim, as you suggested. Indeed, something had gone astry. She's set me up and I make my first monthly pick-up tomorrow in Waltham. Hooray!

                    2. Hit the Prudential market on Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to see Sel de la Terre set up a booth. On top of their breads and pastries, they also had sandwiches and salads for sale.

                      Taza chocolate from Somerville was sampling some of the best chocolate with chillis I'v tried and there was homemade mozzerella and a ton of free range eggs.

                      Not a lot of veggies yet, but tomato plants for purchase and both Iggy's and When Pigs fly were there as well.

                      It'll be great to see how this develops.

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                        There will be a farmer's market in Weymouth at the town hall starting on Sat June 27.


                      2. I went to the first SOWA Open Market of the season and I believe that Silverbrook Farm and the Herb Lyceum were both there with herbs, honey and jam, and spring veggies. There may have also been another vendor but I can't recall now.