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May 18, 2009 07:53 AM

Going to Animal this Saturday! Dinner for one? What to look for?

Thanks for helping me bite the bullet and just go, Hounds!

So, what should I look for? In order to taste more, I figured I should order a handfull of the small plates.

I figure the biscuit is a given, but what else there not to be missed? I have to have one veggie dish, too.

I can't have the bacon bar, cause the nuts make me sick.

I thnk, actually, if I can swing it, I'll have dessert at Menchie's back near home, or maybe MILK. Probably Menchie's.

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  1. You must have the poutain. It's one of my favorite dishes anywhere. The loco moco also sounds great but I haven't been there since they've had it.

    Do they have veggie dishes?

    I didn't think the bacon bar was all that great. I liked the pudding in a jar for dessert.

    1. The poutine is my guilty pleasure. I feel so bad eating it but it feels so good. Nothing else like it in this town. Yummmm.

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        i wasn't really a fan of the poutine, way too much meat that didn't quite work with the fries, and ultra-rich in not so great a way. I actually prefer chili cheese fries.

        1. re: kevin

          agreed....maybe more cheese might help too

      2. even though u get the foie with biscuit...don't be afraid to get the loco moco which also has foie. It's really good. I didn't care for the fries with gravy dish, a little too heavy. The pork belly with what I refuse to call kimchi is very good. I think the beet salad thing was refreshing. The fried hominy was fun but not a wowser (though I found myself wanting tartar sauce with it!).

        1. poutine and the foie gras loco moco. just have your cardiologist's number at the ready.

          1. Quail Fry is amazing too.

            Hard to go very wrong at animal...very hard.