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Going to Animal this Saturday! Dinner for one? What to look for?

Thanks for helping me bite the bullet and just go, Hounds!

So, what should I look for? In order to taste more, I figured I should order a handfull of the small plates.

I figure the biscuit is a given, but what else there not to be missed? I have to have one veggie dish, too.

I can't have the bacon bar, cause the nuts make me sick.

I thnk, actually, if I can swing it, I'll have dessert at Menchie's back near home, or maybe MILK. Probably Menchie's.

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  1. You must have the poutain. It's one of my favorite dishes anywhere. The loco moco also sounds great but I haven't been there since they've had it.

    Do they have veggie dishes?

    I didn't think the bacon bar was all that great. I liked the pudding in a jar for dessert.


    1. The poutine is my guilty pleasure. I feel so bad eating it but it feels so good. Nothing else like it in this town. Yummmm.

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        i wasn't really a fan of the poutine, way too much meat that didn't quite work with the fries, and ultra-rich in not so great a way. I actually prefer chili cheese fries.

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          agreed....maybe more cheese might help too

      2. even though u get the foie with biscuit...don't be afraid to get the loco moco which also has foie. It's really good. I didn't care for the fries with gravy dish, a little too heavy. The pork belly with what I refuse to call kimchi is very good. I think the beet salad thing was refreshing. The fried hominy was fun but not a wowser (though I found myself wanting tartar sauce with it!).

        1. poutine and the foie gras loco moco. just have your cardiologist's number at the ready.

          1. Quail Fry is amazing too.

            Hard to go very wrong at animal...very hard.

            1. Gosh, this is exciting. I've wanted to go for so long, but always talk myself out of it-or my husband talks me out of it.

              I can hardly wait!

              There is a valet, right? PArking around there is tough!

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                there is valet and that might be the only way you see the restaurant as there is no sign. It's close to canter's deli and almost directly across from golden state which you may want to drop by afterward for an old rasputin with brown bread scoops for a beer float dessert

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                  435 is the number on fairfax, no sign, but there may be a hostess stand outside. you'll know it when you see it.

                  susprisingly their non-heavy dishes are pretty good too, but that's probably not what you're going there for. dishes such as a blodd orange salad with olives, or fluke sashimi with chile and citrus.

                  there is some parking in the area, if you're willing to walk a couple blocks or even a block, if it's a saturday night perhaps you'll have to valet it.

                2. get yourself more dinner companions! so many great options at animal...and it's best to sample.

                  the poutine is so amazing/non-traditional that my canadian husband, who has barred me from trying my first poutine anywhere other than montreal, gave in, allowed me to order it and said it was the best non-traditional pout he'd ever eaten. we swooned. the fois gras loco moco is also mind-blowing. heaven in every bite. the pork belly with kim chi is excellent and a big portion considering the price.

                  we also got the tempura squash blossoms, the asparagus dish, and the hominy - all excellent (but get yourself some meat if you're only doing one dish).

                  we wanted to try the rabbit but they were out of it (so, i guess it's good enough to be that popular).

                  for dessert, we got the pudding ....so thick! and such great presentation. yum.

                  i've heard rave reviews for the foie gras biscuit. but i've also heard the ribs are average.

                  hope you enjoy your dinner!

                  1. I went with friends and we enjoyed everything. My favorites: the pork chop and, best of all, the fried quail. Damn. That is an amazing dish.

                    1. I'd like to mention that Pork Belly with Kim Chi, Roasted Peanuts and Chili Sauce does not suck and the Duck Confit salad will set you right.

                      1. even the small plates are not that small. so if you get the foie gras biscuit it might be too heavy to get the poutine too, but who knows. but order those two dishes would probably be the equivalent of three chili cheese burgers from fatburger.

                        1. Hominy; the salad looks beautiful and I have had the kale salad there before - deelish; PORK BELLY; petite basque and chorizo; soft shell crabs if they are back on the menu; ribs are great - liked it better when they were a starter; you really cannot go wrong here! Get a few starters. Sit at the bar and enjoy. Very comfortable & convivial - staff and guests. And, depending upon what time you are going, you should be able to find street parking just north/east of there on Rosewood, east of Fairfax. I live in the hood and make myself stay away. Consistently one of my favorite places.

                          1. I hope to go soon, too. I have a related question: if concentrating on small plates, how many dishes should be ordered? How many should Brussels Sprout order and how many would you suggest for two people (assume all small plates, no entree or dessert)?

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                              If you're going to have dessert too then 5 appetizers split between the two people would be good.

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                                I don't think there is a hard/fast rule here especially given the richness of some of the dishes. The nice thing is, you can always order more!

                              2. As a born and raised Montrealer who has eaten poutine for 20 years, I have to admit the poutine at Animal is the 2nd best poutine (regionally) I have ever had. It's definitely different than your standard poutine, but it is absolutely delicious and really brings out the spirit of that original dish. I spoke to Vinny about 6 weeks ago when I told his wife I was a Montreal - LA transplant -- he told me his inspiration was from Aux Pied de Cochon, an awesome little bistro in Montreal that serves foie gras on every single item... including the poutine (!!) Anyways, you wont be disappointed (and sorry, mentioning cheese fries in the same breath as this dish is, well, a head scratcher to say the least...

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                                  never had poutine before...but animal's version that night had this dark bitter heavy lingering taste that I just couldn't enjoy...

                                2. before heading elsewhere for dessert, have urself some of their tres leches... it's AMAZINGGGG~ (besides IMO MILK blows)