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May 18, 2009 07:31 AM

Worst Meal EVER! Food Resto Lounge - Gay Village

6 of us had dinner here on a busy Friday night. The restaurant was packed, normally a good sign. The panic set in when the too-cool waiter came with our wine. He held 6 glasses in one hand and put the bottle of wine under his arm pit!! If that wasnt bad enough, he asked my friend to take the wine out from this sweaty area! Gross!

We then ordered our meals, I will only speak of the grossest moment since I would be writting for quite sometime if I described the entire meal!

My friend ordered the hamburger and fries. What came was a decent sized burger that looked homemade. What followed was the first bite... a tough, fatty piece of meat that was held together by the biggest piece of gristle ever... completley inedible.

When others started to complain about their meal being inedible as well (including me with the most heavily mayonnaised salad that was to include Lobster, but was more of a mystery fish), I decided to approach the Hostess and tell her of our concerns. This should have been evident as most of our meals were left completely untouched, however, the waiter never came back to check on us once! When I told the Hostess of our issues, she was very appoligetic and said she would see what she could do.

What she did was send the arm pit waiter back to our table... how nice. When my friend showed him the pience of gristle, which she lifted off of her untouched burger, still completely intact, fat and all, its what he did next that really was the icing on the cake. He lifted her plate, grabbed the gristle and TOOK A BITE FROM IT!!! He then commented that it tasted fine to him and that it wasn't ground beef, it was Filet Mignon!!!

That was it.... a fast exit was made with a tip that refected our dismay. There are many great restaurants in Montreal, places I have travelled from Toronto just to eat at, this was the worst meal of my life.

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  1. I'm speechless. I'm trying to picture that and I can't - and that's saying something because I once saw a busboy eat leftovers from the garbage can.

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      That wasn't a busboy, it was George Costanza eating an eclair!

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        turned my stomach reading this, hard to believe i think i would pursue it with owner but then if he offered you a gift certificate would you want to go back, scratch that suggestion! We ran out of restaurant in paris once when we saw the waiter dump the bread from a basket left on a table where a couple had left into a bread basket where a table was set up for new customers. Guess we all have experiences.....luckily we dont see what goes on in some of the kitchens!

    2. He he he - well, at least you got a nice story out of it !
      I went to Food once when it had just opened, about 8 years ago - it was fine at the time, but the standards seem to have gone down a bit ! To be fair, dining in the Village is often an adventure, and not usually in a good way. The only places I'd recommend in the area are O'thym and Miyako.

      1. Ok, that tops my Worst Meal Ever story! LOL

        1. The original comment has been removed