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May 18, 2009 07:19 AM

UES wine bar next to Etats Unis?

I just walked by a wine bar today, right next to Etats Unis wine bar. I can't find the name anywhere online! Does anyone know what I am talking about?

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  1. I like to try to solve little puzzles like this, so I tried searching by sequential numeric addresses on google maps, and I tried google street view, zoomed in... still no luck.

    So, I would suggest, call the Bar at Etats-Unis (212) 396-9928 and ask them.

    Bar @ Etats-Unis
    247 E 81st St, New York, NY 10028

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    1. re: acidity

      Thanks, Acidity! Ok, I just called and they had NO idea what bar is next door, said it was a wine bar but there is no sign outside. I will have to stop by and find this out!

      1. re: squid kun

        That's it! Thanks squid kun. Will try this tonight!

        1. re: squid kun

          And thanks, retracing my searching steps for that listing, I learned a bit about how google works. I've always heard that information in the title of the page is important, and puts the address in the title, and yelp does not. so, now that the listing is on (and referenced from a thread), it shows up in the search where it did not yesterday. Yelp is still way down on the address search.

          In the future, searching for restaurants by address, need to include site name for the major sites and try them individually.

          1. re: acidity

            So I went last night and loved it! What a cute spot! Nice wine list and really good food (had pork loin, my date had the scallops).