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May 18, 2009 06:45 AM

Best shakshuka in the GTA?

We just came back from Israel and were introduced to the wonderful world of shakshuka. For those who haven't tried it, think of an omlette cooked in a chafing dish and smothered with delicious tomato-based sauce.

Anyone have any luck finding great shakshuka in Toronto or Thornhill?

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  1. Shakshouka is a bit more complex than what you're describing' it's essentially a homemade chunky tomato, sweet pepper and garlic sauce with a bit of chile heat, into which unbeaten raw eggs are placed. So it's more sunnyside-up than omelette, and the eggs are actually cooked in the sauce. The mingling of flavours in the sauce are what really make the dish.

    The best I had in Israel was at a kibbutz in the Galilee. I don't know that anyone in the GTA is doing a great rendition, but I've seen many recipes for the dish. You might want to give it a try at home.

    Now guess what I've got a craving for!!!

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      I haven't tried Shaksouka, but it sounds quite similar to Uova in Purgatorio (Eggs in Purgatory), an Italian dish where eggs are poached in a spicy tomato sauce.

      I haven't ordered the dish in Toronto, but after a quick google, it looks like Salto on Davenport near Ossington offers Uova in Purgatorio on their brunch menu:

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        i gave shakshouka the easy, quick summary :)

        tried finding good recipies online, but none were apparent.

        i heard What A Bagel in North York (not sure where) does it, but not sure how well

      2. Yum, shakshuka! More than anything I just like saying the word. I've only ever eaten it in Israel but I know it's on the menu at by the way cafe in the annex. I think it might only be on the weekend brunch menu but don't quote me on that.
        I know that by the way was Israeli owned, not sure if that's the case anymore but the middle eastern food is always good imo.

        1. I was at Me Va Me at Bathurst and Steeles this weekend and I noticed shakshuka on the menu. Haven't tried it, but the other food in the restaurant is pretty good if that's any indication.

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            I saw this on the menu at Cafe Florentine in the beaches near Kew Gardens. It's a small cafe serving pastries, salads, pastas and nice sandwiches but the shakshuka definitely stood out on the blackboard! I will have to give it a try!

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              I've had the one on the menu at the What A Bagel restaurant in Thornhill (Bat @ New Westminister). I can't compare it to others but it certainly was yummy. They add goat cheese or feta for $1 and I had the goat cheese; came with some pita too.

              I know the new Bagel World in Thornhill also has it on the menu but I haven't eaten or seen it...

          2. I picked up some takeout from Mashu Mashu in Forest Hill Village this evening and noticed a new breakfast menu posted on the door. Yup, shakshuka is on it!

            1. I haven't tried all the Shakshulas in the city but the best one I've had was at Goldstein's Bakery, in the Sababa plaza in Thornhill. Alas, they've recently closed.

              Apparently the Shakshuka at Sababa is good but I've never tried it. Also heard good things about the one at What A Bagel (Bathurst and New Westminster) which has already been mentioned on this thread.