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May 18, 2009 05:20 AM

Lunch in Dallas

We'll be looking for lunch for 4. No Mexican, no bar b que; no spicy anything. Brother-in-law
can't take it. Sooooo where do we get some pretty basic American fare, or pehaps French...without taking out a bank loan ( under $30 per person). We're staying at the Fairmont, but have cars and will travel. Is the restaurant in the Fairmont worth trying? I know it was re-modeled within the past year.
Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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  1. 3 Random Suggestions ... in descending order of priciness
    1) Sushi ... Yutaka (it's in Uptown area ...2633 Mckinney Avenue )
    2) Burger ... The Grape (on Greenville) .. this is more a dinner restaurant, but they make a mean burger and its only available on their lunch menu
    3) Sandwich/Deli (and a pretty authentic italian "deli" experience - coming from a native Bronx italian) ... Jimmy's Food Store (Bryan and Fitzhugh, kind of near Baylor)

    1. Havent heard much about the new Pyramid restaurant in the Fairmont. Stephan Pyles is right down the street. Also One Arts Plaza has several great options for lunch. Dakota's is also very close.

      1. given your criteria (pretty basic American fare, good, reasonable price) I'd hit Lazare in the West Village (which also happens to be pretty close to your hotel). The chef has recently changed, but I'm guessing that the food is still pretty good. You could also try Bolsa down in Oak Cliff, if you want to drive for a while. Or Twisted Root in Deep Ellum for a burger. Jimmy's was also a good suggestion. You might also want to look into Aurora, which is serving a < $20 prix fixe lunch. Haven't tried it yet, but it's probably fantastic.

        1. Here are my suggestions:

          1. The Grape (don't believe they're open for lunch on the weekend)
          2. The Porch (american fare)

          3. Hattie's (upscale southern food
          4. Cafe Toulouse (french

          These are all non-chain restaurants. They're not too casual or upscale (right in the middle). Have a wonderful lunch! Let us know if you need more suggestions.

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            The grape does a really good weekend brunch.

          2. Havent been but, Nick & Sams Grill?