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May 18, 2009 04:25 AM


A friend and I are going to be spending memorial day weekend in Forks and I wanted to get the lowdown on any special dining or food shopping opportunities in the area (my expectations are quite low =). We are especially interested in seafood (restos and markets) and local products/produce of any kind. We'll be driving to Forks from Seattle by way of Aberdeen, so if there are any foodie points of interest along the way, I'd like to hear about those too. Finding a place to pick up some local oysters would be fab!

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  1. I'd stop off in Shelton for oysters (Taylor shellfish has a retail store there, I think) and to try Xinh's which is often counted as a major foodie (seafood) desination, but I haven't had the chance to try yet. I'd also stop off in Montesano (close to Aberdeen) to visit Estrella Family Farms (excellent cheese). YUM.

    1. For some spectacular northern italian cuisine, you can't beat Gabelli's Parma Restaurant on Heron Street in Aberdeen. Wonderful pastas, homemade bread and desserts, not to be missed. Gnocchi, rotolo, etc. A small family-run place. Expensive by Aberdeen standards, but worth it.

      1. I chuckled at the idea of local produce in Forks. This logging territory, not farming. I don't think there's even that much in the way of local seafood - though you shouldn't miss the chance to hike the nearby wild beaches.

        There may be more to the town that I am aware of, but so far I've only eaten at a Mexican restaurant (ok by small town standards), and burger place. Zoom in on Forks on Google Maps and do a search for 'restaurants' to get an idea of what's available.

        A search on seafood for a larger area suggests that there are more options in the Westport area than around Aberdeen itself.

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          Trust me, Forks is no foodie destination. Please do yourself a favor--if you have to eat there, just get takeout from the deli at the Thriftway. Your meal will be far more palatable than anything served in any of the dining establishments in town.

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            Like I said, my expectations were low...I was secretly hoping for a nice farmers market or a place to buy fresh fish (I mean, it's a few miles *might* think...oh never mind) But I can confirm that the best option is to buy supplies in Seattle and simply cook your own for the duration of your visit. We had a *wonderful* trip, but'd better be packin'.

            Note the market in Forks is ok for staples - not as bad as I would expect. Decent produce, fine supermarket meat (we actually enjoyed the porterhouse steaks very much), but really scary pre-packed fish. Definitely look for wine elsewhere, but beer selection was acceptable.

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              People are not buying their fish at the Thriftway. They are going to a private fish seller (signs usually out by the road) or out to the reservation. There is plenty of fresh fish to be found out there.

              Out on the peninsula there are tons of amazing farmer's markets. Most of them are a bit more East. Starting around May there is a farmer's market in the Thriftway parking lot on Fridays and Saturdays. There is a Saturday Market in the town of Port Angeles as well. They take over the Courthouse parking lot off Peabody on Saturdays. Plus, as you drive from Sequim, to Port Angeles to Forks - Especially if you take the scenic way via 112 - you can get fruit, fresh eggs, honey cheese... whatever you need. There is also a Costco in Sequim that stocks local goods (fish, mussels, oysters, cheese...)

              Forks is not a foodie destination.