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May 18, 2009 03:34 AM

Rincon Tarasco Downingtown

Ok so read and article about this place on WC Dish and thought we should give it a try. This place is amazing , they were underprepaerd for how busy they would be as a result of the article in the Chester County Nightlife paper was worth the wait . I got the enchiladas verde ...the verde sauce would make sand taste good , this was one of the tastiest meals I have had in some time. I hope they staff up for the additional patrons

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  1. We tried Rincon Tarasco on Friday and everything was really good.

    They have some different things to try, I started with rice water as my beverage. It was flavored with vanilla and was tasty. They also have Tamarind water which I will try next time.

    The Guacamole appetizer was excellent, large fresh chunks of avocado. My dinner was the Torta Mole which was a good size for someone looking for a light dinner. It was a sandwich on fresh thin roll with rice and chicken with Mole sauce inside.

    Everything was tasty and seemed especially fresh, I would recommend it.

    1. ok we went back on Wednesday night , I told myself I was going to order something different but I could not get away from the verde sauce , it was again amazing .......I have now become a regular

      1. We'll be giving it a try within the next week or so. I looked for, but couldn't find a website for them to take a peek at the menu. How are the prices? Are they BYO?

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          Cindy , I do not think they have a website , I would actually be shocked , it is really small
          It is on the corner of 30 and 322 , it is BYO , the prices are great ...we ate last night got 2 sodas 1 order of Enchiladas Verde and a Taco Salad for $ 15 .....they really are having trouble with being busy but they were better last night than on the weekend

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            So that's fairly close to the new steakhouse in D'town. I'm trying to picture the location. If I'm heading west on 322, I pass the WAWA on the right. Rt. 30 is just ahead, isn't it?

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              Right if you go straight you'll hit 30 and it is pretty might right there on the across the street on the right. So like across and a block from the steakhouse. I think this is the website but there isn't much info.

        2. did you notice if they had chile relenos? Either way sounds awesome!! Closer for me than my fav in kennett - taqueria moreleon

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          1. re: keby

            Sorry I did not notice ....I imagine that they do ...I plan to go often and have made a promise to myself to get something other than the enchiladas .......

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              I'm requesting comparison of the tacos al pastor vs. Don Gabriel's.