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May 18, 2009 12:20 AM

Best Breakfast in Sydney?

Where can I find the best breakfast or bunch in Sydney?

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  1. What would make it 'best' for you?

    1. Try Bather's Pavilion - I liked their hotcakes much better than Bills's much talked-about ricotta hotcakes with bananas & honeycomb butter. Plus - Bather's Pavilion's got killer views!

      The Bathers Pavilion
      4 The Esplanade, Balmoral, New South Wales 2088, AU

      Bills 2
      359 Crown St, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010, AU

      1. Breakfast has become a big deal in Sydney. Some of the best I reckon are:

        * Bird Cow Fish, Surry Hills
        * Two Good Eggs, Surry Hills
        * Spring, Potts Point
        * Vinyl Lounge, Elizabeth Bay
        * Swell, Bronte

        And I second the earlier recommendation for Bathers' Pavilion

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          I love the names! Two good eggs, haha.

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            I love Bird Cow Fish for weekend breakfast/brunch. (Actually I love bird cow fish)

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              Bird Cow Fish
              500 Crown St, Surry Hills, New South Wales 2010, AU

          2. Its a bit of a Drive, but I've found Jonah's at Palm beach to be fantastic. Very Good food & coffee and service with big enough table to read paper ;P

            Also the Hyatt at the bottom of the bridge has an amazingly good breakfast (went there after a bridge climb) Although they were a bit iffy saying that we should have booked a table as we were walkins instead of hotel guests

            Found these places to be so good it was nearly 'meal / dinner'standard.. Really really good, if not cheap - was worth the money though - Omelettes at the Hyatt fantastic

            On a more traditional front would recommend Lumiere - better early before it gets full.

            The Falcon in Oxford st has nice booths and good food/atmosphere.

            Theres also a great cafe in Potts Point called Yellow - has some good variety and quite nice coffee. Have gone back a few times for the Pomegraete salad.. Afterwards if your interested theres a few foodie proviosners along the street

            Would also recommend Strangers with Candy in the Redernish area. If I remeber correctly a more ecletic menu than the usual cafes


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              And one more from todays travels.... Zumbo in Balmain. Went to their Patisirie to load up with some Pastries, & as we were walking down the street also came across their Cafe. pretty good Cofee & the best ever quiche lorraine I have had


            2. Blacken is right,,,Strangers with Candy is great for breakfast. Its in the east part of Redfern.