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May 17, 2009 10:18 PM

Vegas Bar Recs -- Help!

Hi Chowhounders- I am headed to Vegas in a couple of weeks to spend the weekend reconnecting with an old high school friend...we are planning to make the round of the various chowhound-approve restaurants, about which much has been written on this site.

But I am hoping the accumulated wisdom of the people here can be bent towards helping us out with another challenge -- where are the best places in Vegas to drink?

My friend and I are both married and not looking for a pickup scene -- just a couple of cool bars in nice settings that will either give us a good cocktail or provide a good beer selection, and won't hit us with ridiculous cover charges or long lines to get in. Is this possible in Vegas? Would it be pushing things beyond reasonability to also ask about a place with a nice view?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. One of my favorite Vegas drinking places is the Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill. Think late 70s-early 80s' disco style, with a fire pit right in the middle of the bar. The music level is appropriate for conversation and the drinks are well made. Service can be a bit slow at times, but not too bad. No cover.

    1. I certainly echo kjhart's recommendation of Peppermill. My car makes a beeline for it the instant that it gets close to the Strip. It's old-school Vegas at its very finest. Share a Scorpion ;)

      As for view, you can't beat the view from Mix Lounge at Mandalay Bay. The cover is ridiculous if you get there after 10 ($20-25), so get there early. Make absolutely sure you use the restroom while you're there. Trust me on this.

      1. as to view, you've got mix, ghost bar, voodoo lounge, etc - best bet is MIX pre-nite club scene ( before 10 pm - might want to consider around 7 pm for sundown ) - great view - drinks are a little pricey, but you buy a beer, enjoy the view/sunset, the view from the bathroom ( check it out ) then move to the next location.

        i enjoy the patio at the fontana lounge at the bellagio - again, drinks are pricey but still in line with the strip, but great view of the water show,

        fireside lounge ain't bad but sharing a scorpion - how close is this friend ?!?! lol

        are you willing to drive ? there are a few spots in downtown and relatively close to the strip that are worth a looksy including frankie's tiki room, the red room, etc

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          Thanks for the tips! We hit MIX at sunset and it was awesome -- really nice room and a great view. Drinks were pricy, but not bad for the view. It was much better than Moon, which we also hit but where no one could actually sit down because of all the reserved tables, blech.

        2. Peppermill would be fun. Just back from a trip and discovered my new "favorite" bar in Vegas - Frankie's Tiki Room. It's not on the strip - several blocks west on West Charleston - so mainly if you have a car. Very good drinks in the tiki tradition, and great decor. Not much from the outside, but great place to relax and have a different experience and good drinks. We wound up going twice last week.

          Here's the link: