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May 17, 2009 08:22 PM

Fried Ice Cream

My 9-year-old loves it. Is there any place chow worthy that serves it?

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  1. Thaitation (old Brown Sugar) 130 Jersey St., Fenway.

    1. I use to love this as well and ordered it as a kid whenever we went to Wayloos (sp?) (which no longer exists).

      But I feel like I might have seen it awhile back on the Asahi menu in Salem. I would call to double check though.

      1. Oga's out on route 9 does an awesome (fried) tempura ice cream. Green tea, red bean, or vanilla, I believe. Their sushi is great too.

        1. I noticed that they have it on the menu at Jo Jo Taipei in Brighton. Jo Jo is definitely a chow worthy place, but I can't personally attest to the fried ice cream, anyone?

          1. My husband and I love fried ice cream as well (its not just for 9 year-olds :) ). We get our fix at House of Siam on Columbus Ave in the South End. Very fast delivery (usually less than 30 min) and yummy flavors - green tea, ginger, and coconut.