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May 17, 2009 08:19 PM

Newport/Block Island recommendations

We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary in Newport (with a day trip to Block Island) in June. We're looking for a restaurant with great food and atmosphere for our anniversary dinner and are open to anything for the rest of the trip. I'm embarrassed to admit this when we're headed to seafood heaven, but I'm not a seafood lover and definitely want land based entree options. My husband loves everything. Where do we definitely need to eat?

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  1. I should add that we're always on the hunt for good bakeries, ice cream shops... any top notch sugar!

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      1. re: McGoverns

        I wonder how many times you can visit Aldo's in a 10 hour period. It sounds great!

    1. Block Islands Best
      Winfields Restaurant 401-466-5856
      Manisses 401-466-2836
      Eli's 401-466-5230

      1. Second Manisses, my wife and I had a wonderful dinner on the patio last summer, beautiful property and elegent food...

        As for Newports best, I would have to say Castle Hill Inn:

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          All these options look great. I'm anxious to see what else comes along. Would you recommend Castle Hill Inn for dinner only or also for Sun brunch? There aren't many options for a good Sunday brunch around us.

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            Both are excellent. Try the Bay Voyage Inn across the bay in Jamestown for the best brunch on Sundays

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              OK, I think we'll definitely do brunch at the Bay Voyage. It looks amazing. Now we just have to sort out options for the rest of the trip. Thanks for all the great advice!

        2. Any advice regarding Bouchard's, The Black Pearl, or Mamma Luisa's? I saw an article listing them among the most romantic dinner spots in Newport. Unfortunately, romance doesn't always translate into great food.

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          1. re: pbplus

            Bouchard's and Luisa's are excellent and elegent. Black Pearl is nothing to write home about.

            1. re: Sean

              DO Bouchards its romantic never hurried excellent food its nice to walk around afterwards Luisias is nice also but simle Italian. Black Pearl WAY over rated.

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                Anyone been to Bouchard's lately? A friend and her husband just had a horrid meal, they were both very unhappy. I loved it 10 yrs ago, but I wondered if this was why it is never mentioned anymore.

              2. re: Sean

                the black pearls "commedores room"has the most amazing lobster bisque ...

            2. OK. Thanks so much for the helpful input everyone. Between this and old board discussions, I have all the info I need. Now we just need to make final decisions. With only a few days in the area and so many great choices, it's going to be tough.

              The even harder part is making a lodging decision! I was hoping to get a reasonably priced place so we could splurge more on food, but the rates are so high!