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May 17, 2009 06:50 PM

will we need reservations...?

Visiting Boston for 1st time next weekend (and enjoying all the info here!). 2 questions:

-will we need reservations at most North End restaurants on Thursday night (5/21)?

-will we need reservations at Neptune Oyster on Saturday night?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, Neptune doesn't take reservations. Ordinarily, I'd say to stay away on a Saturday night unless you don't mind a long wait for a table, but with it being the holiday weekend it might not be too, too bad. In any event, they will take your cell number and send you around the corner to a bar to wait, so it could be worse.

    As for Thursday, I suppose it depends on where you are going and how determined you are to dine at a specific time.

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      Any drink recommendations while waiting for Neptune?

    2. Why don't you call them?

      1. Thursday nights can be difficult, particularly during this time of year when there are a lot of graduations and the weather is favorable. If you have a particular place in mind or if you have a party of more than two, you may have some problems. If you are not particular (although you should be as there are some not so great places in the neighborhood) you will get a table.

        1. Coming from a restaurant manager who fields calls every night of the week regarding reservations, you ALWAYS need reservations (if they take them) unless you are willing to wait 1hour and up on a thurs-sat for a moderately popular restaurant, and I would strongly suggest reservations sun-wed as well at a busy restaurant. I cannot tell you how many times on a Tuesday night people will walk in w 6 guests at 7pm and not understand how all of the tables are full and be really angry about it! If the food is good, even on a sunday night the restaurant should be full!

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            Thank you very much for the advice. We'll heed it.