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May 17, 2009 06:04 PM

All-Clad Copper Core Saute Pan Question

I recently bought the 6 Quart Saute Pan and have a question about the shape of the bottom.

Mine seems to be raised in the center. When I put in the oil it all runs to the outside leaving a high and dry spot in the middle of the pan. Is this normal? This is the first nice piece of cookware I have ever purchased and just want to know if I need to work on returning it.


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  1. That does seem to be normal and noticable on a big pan like yours, not so much on a 10" fry pan. If they had made it to the other extreme (convex bottom) the pan would be less stable and spinning around.

    I guess nothing is perfectly flat, in fact you can put a straight edge across the bottom of All clad pans and you can see the middle is raised up.

    The geometry of the pan bottom also can change as it is heated up.

    1. About half way down this page there is a drawing of a concave base and an explanation of how the base tends to flatten out as the pan heats up.

      You didn't say how much the center is raised. Does it seem flat when the pan is heated to cooking temperature?

      1. Thank you both for the replies. The pan stays the same during cooking as it is when cool.