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May 17, 2009 05:41 PM

Fusion Toast Bar in Cedarhurst

I haven't been yet, but I did get the menu! It's meat, not dairy Menu has Salds (All salads come iwth lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and your choice of dressing/ sauces. ) There's grilled chicken, fish, steak, add 3 extra, 6 extra or 9 extra toppings.

Panini Sandwiches served with your choice of fresh salad or home fries. .
Side dishes

Curious to hear if anyone has eaten there yet.

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  1. i was there on opening night. i work across the street, and i have been waiting for it to finally open. it is a beautiful place, and good food. but it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!! and the portions are not nearly enough. the weird thing was, was that i was the only one there. they didnt have any huge grand opening, no ads in the newspapers, no special deals, just a sigh in the window.

    i hope they become succeful, but i just dont see it happening

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      I think the market for $15 dollar sandwiches is perhaps smaller than it once was.... even the five towns has embraced value.

    2. I was there tonight with my family and i thought the Restaurant was Amazing.
      The place is absolutely beautiful, and the food was DELICIOUS, we ordered around 4 different panini's and my husband had the steak; everything came in very big portions. I loved it!!!

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        I am curious, how much did they charge for the steak?

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          The Panini's were $17.00 and they came with a big plate of salad and French fries, the steak i believe was $29.00 and it is was a very big portion, the biggest I’ve seen in any Five towns Restaurant, and i know because my husband and I go out almost every night, and I’m a very big food critique.

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            Thanks for the info. I just love a good steak but hate to shlep to the city for one so having good ones locally is a big plus!

      2. Got take out from there this past Sun. night. Portion size was generous,and the food was delicious. Both my husband and I ordered differently prepared chicken paninis and they wereboth really good! As mentioned alrady, the prices are a bit high for a good sandwich in today's economy.

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          I had their lunch special. The food was good ( I had a curried chicken panini). Their lunch special is $11.95 and it includes soup and a choice of salad or fries. My only issue is that they don't have a lunch special for their meat/chicken salads, which can cost $17.95 The proprietors may not realize that calorie counting customers may enjoy their selections, but may not want to eat bread.

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            how would you compare their lunch special with the other ones on the block?

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              The food was definitely more filling than most places. Sushi doesn't have a good lunch special anymore. They used to offer their Thai soup as part of their special. Chosen's lunch special is good, but I don't find the food to be filling.

              By the way, I could see FTB cutting into both Carlos and Gabby's and Subway's business because it offers a similar type of dining.

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                Carlos and Gabby's offers a special for about half the price (6.95, I think) that includes a generously sized burger, fries, and a drink. There is also a lunch special that includes a half-portion of any of their sandwiches, a soup, and a drink. Also, Yossi's Grill has been advertising a pretty cheap lunch special. Fusion Toast Bar may have to do a little better pricewise, especially if they want to get the high schoolers to eat lunch there.

        2. Took out from there last night. Thought it was great. Had an argentina sandwich (steak with veggies) and a ny sandwich (hot dog). Also huge and delicious chicken nuggets (a dead ringer for carlos and gabby's chicken fingers IMHO). Very yummy and not SO expensive for the portion size. There were also these shakes that were quite good. The place is huge - hope they can fill it!

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            Had the lunch special recently. I tried the Japanese chicken on whole wheat. It came with a soup and a salad for $11.99. The sandwich was incredible and very filling. The soup left a lot to be desired and the salad was lettuce with chopped tomatoes and cucumbers. Nice deal for the price but unless they get a mass rush of orders......I don't see this deal lasting very long.

          2. Went there recently for the first time and found it to be fantastic. Quality steak the special was $25 for a large piece of meat cooked perfectly, big israeli salad - not rancid spoiled lettuce, fries. Argentenian steak toast was incredible and very filling also came with salad and fries. It is not a cheap place but I don't see how any place can give so much food for sucha good deal 20% off monday nights. Also, the lunch special is reasonable because the sandwich is so big you can share it with a friend. They have a wed night special for two - 2 sand, 2 soups, salad fries $32.99. I hope they stick around because the other places need to step up their game and be cleaner and have better service.