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May 17, 2009 05:20 PM

Vegan, gluten free, and none of the above - UWS?

Friends coming in from out of town this coming weekend - one is a vegetarian, one a gluten free vegan for health reasons, and then my husband and me - Weight Watchers omnivores who like a glass of wine with dinner. Our friends consider themselves foodies. They are staying on the UWS near 95 and Bway and need to get to the theater district for an 8pm curtain, so we need eat around 6. Any suggestions for places that can accommodate all these conditions??? Thanks!

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  1. Try Josie's down by the Beacon Theater -- not great but I think they cater more to the special needs. You could also look at a place called Ozu, which I think also specializes in meeting those types of diets -- I've eaten there and recall it being OK. There's also a place called Blossom Cafe on Columbus.

    For what it's worth, though, I would also check out the menu at Kefi, which is one of the more popular places on the UWS these days. They have a few fish and vegetarian options that might work for your group.

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      I've never personally been to Josie's, but one of the gluten free groups I'm on an email list for has organized a dinner at Josie's, so they're definitely accommodating for that.

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        2nd Blossom - probably your best bet for all concerned

      2. Your best bet is Blossom on the Upper West Side, 466 Columbus at 82nd Street. It's basic vegan dining that's a cut or two above Angelica's or Counter. It won't get you excited but it's definitely respectable and it's a pretty room.