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May 17, 2009 05:11 PM

Anyone know of a good party spot?


We're trying to throw together a party for 25 of our out-of-town friends the day after our wedding, and I'm stumped.

-Cheap ($40/head)
-Accommodating (they have the space)
-Easy access (subways close)
-Fun, funky, different? (ie, a beer garden, bbq, ethnic...)

I need help, yo. Thanks CH community.

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  1. Obvious choice, Sripiphrai back patio would be very nice--pretty and private, Woodside, Queens. If you've never been, it's wonderful, and tons of posts about it. Would be more like $20 a head-- not byob, though. Subway there.

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    1. re: janie

      It's kind of a schlep though...not really easy from Manhattan...

    2. You might try Enzo's on Prospect Park West and 16th in Brooklyn. It is right next to the 15th St/Prospect Park F train stop and they have a nice back deck

      1. - Radegast Hall Biergarden (williamsburg): Cheap, Accomodating, Fun
        - El Almacen (williamsburg): BYOB (I think it still is), Easy Access (Right next to bedford L-stop), Different (Argentinean Food)... accomodating (not sure. you'd prob fill the entire space).
        - Miss Favela: Accomodating (open airy space), Fun (brazilian samba music and fruity drinks), Different (Brazilian Botequiem Food)

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        1. thanks y'all. Thinking maybe cafe habana in bklyn.
          any manhattan suggestions, by the way?

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          1. re: shaidr

            loreley: german beergarden
            the frying pan: dock, view, burgers.
            water taxi beach: long island city but new location in manhattan soon. burgers. reserve a few picnic tables. views.
            royale: burgers again and non-descript, but cheap and big reserveablem pretty backyard patio.
            spitzers: bustling gastropub. huge beer selection.
            wilfie & nell: hipster gastro-ish pub in west vill.
            el maguey y la tuna: no frills mexican on far east houston. super friendly, cheap, family run, and they poor tequila liberally for parties.