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May 17, 2009 04:03 PM

Micro/baked potato...need help asap!

Once upon a time I knew how to do this, but I have since forgotten. How do you start a baked potato in the microwave and then finish it off in the oven? If you would, please include times and oven temp? How far should the potato go in the microwave (e.g., should a knife be able to be easily inserted)? Many thanks for your help!

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  1. Prheat oven to 375 degrees.
    Poke potato several times with tines of fork so steam can release while it's cooking in microwave.
    Place potato into microwave on microwave safe plate and cook on high for four minutes each.
    That's for large potatoes; three minutes for medium.
    Remove from microwave (use a mit or towel; they're hot) and place on baking rack in oven for about fifteen - twenty minutes.
    Test at fifteen minute with knife or fork for tenderness to determine if they're done enough for you.
    Some folks like 'em a bit firm, others like 'em soft.

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    1. re: todao

      The only thing I would change about that is I set the oven at 425-450. I like the outside almost crunchy.

    2. I wash a large potato, salt it, MW for 8 minutes on high - and then eat it. No oven needed. The skin is crispy. Or I peel and make mashed potatoes. And eat the crispy, salty skin.

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        I love that idea and will do that tonight. When we do in the oven (which is almost always) we oil the potato and then rub salt on so this makes sense. Thanks, Sam.

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          Always do it that way if in the micro. I usually do 3-4 so 8 minutes isn't long enough. I lightly oil, just lightly, salt as you said and cook. Many times I am making something in the oven so I end up putting them in for a few minutes to finish which also works. At least 15 for 3-4 sometimes longer. But I use very large potatoes and definitely prick the skins. 8-10 is never enough but all micros and potatoes are different. And yes todao turn them over half way. I like to go 5, turn over 5 more and check, depends on the size. If cooking on the grill or oven many times I start potatoes and then just put on a top shelf, The skin gets crunchy and it doesn't hurt for the few extra minutes.

          I love mine in the micro, but do live a finish in the oven if possible, but not necessary. Two weeks ago I had 14 for dinner, I got some chicken to grill but no room on my grill for 14 potatoes so micro. Oven was busy with a baked artichoke casserole, my my fresh tomato and mushroom and eggplant dish,, and my 3 baked chickens so micro was my only hope. After every thing came out I put the potatoes in to keep warm but just for 5 or so minutes.

          1. re: kchurchill5

            Good point about potatoes and microwaves being different. High on my MW is a lot gentler than some other units I have used. For a couple of potatoes, I MW for 10 mins. I prick them with a fork first. Didn't turn, but I must try that.

            Rather than a straight baked potato, I then halve them lengthwise, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with grated parmesan and put under the broiler for 15 mins or so until the cheese turns golden brown. Skin turns out pretty crispy.


            1. re: CPla

              Good idea! How about crumbled gorgonzola?

        2. I do almost the same thing as Todao. My nuker is 23 years old, so... six to eight minutes on high (for 2 spuds-large) check to see if they're sort of soft. If yes, oven for 10-15 minutes @ 400,( with a little butter slathered on the skins... ) or on the grill for 5-10 . Make sure you prick the skins before nuking (or baking) to release the steam. adam

          1. Set the oven to 450
            Wash and poke a fork into a well salted large russet potato
            Microwave on 6 to 8 mins, depends on the size
            Then bake for 15 minutes - the time in the oven depends on the potato and how your oven works. Just drive a knife through it, and if it goes in without pressure it should be perfect. I love a creamy potato, that once I split it, I push it together and you can see the potatoe just break apart easily. It might take you a few times to get this to where you like your potato, but there is nothing worse than an undercooked hard potato.
            Butter, and mix well, then sour cream, chives and salt and pepper/
            Ok now I'm definitely having a baked potato for dinner!

            1. Thank you!!!!! Now my Sunday supper will be perfect!

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              1. re: super_b

                Forgot to mention:
                Turn 'em over about half way through the microwave experience so they don't overcook and develop hard spots in selective spots. Some microwaves tend to focus energy at lower mid-oven which can generate those unpleasant results.
                Even if your microwave has a carousel feature it's a good idea to roll 'em over half way through the cook time.