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May 17, 2009 03:54 PM

Flat Patties, beyond burgers

Under the cloak of anonymity I must confess that my husband and I hit B Good and Flat Patties today, back to back and with only minutes between visits. I was pleased with my veggie burger at BGood and delighted with the sweet potato fries but the carnovore was disappointed with his burger. He's more of an Eagle's, O'Sullivan's, Bartley kind of guy. Still feeling hungry (him) we crossed the street to FP where he was much happier with their double cheeseburger (he didn't even have the decency to order a single! I silently reviewed my CPR training as I watched the grease drip from the sandwich) Said it reminded him of Fat Burger in Vegas. In all fairness I must throw myself under the same bus to Gluttontown and confess to sharing a small order of onion rings which also did not disappoint.

We will visit again and I'm wondering about the other items on the menu such as the veggie burger, pork sandwich and the fish. Any reviews would be appreciated. Must go now and see how many more of the deadly sins we can commit before the day's end.

Almost forgot. What about the fried banana cheesecake?? Do tell!

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  1. I really like FP's fries, fresh cut and thin, with great flavor. I also really like the chicken sandwich, marinated in some kind of lime(?) marinade, really yummy.

    1. I reviewed Flat Patties recently for The Phoenix: in addition to liking the burger, chicken sandwich, and fries, I also thought highly of the pulled pork sandwich, onion rings, and the grilled portabella mushroom sandwich. I described the fried banana cheesecake as the bastard offspring of a McDonald's fruit pie and a cinnamon-sugary cheese Danish, kind of heavy. It was just okay; not much banana flavor. The Asian chopped salad was tasty but cut up a little small; not visually appealing. I was most impressed that I ate what is essentially a fast-food burger that was delicious and didn't make me feel nauseous thirty minutes later.

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        i'm an outlier on flat patties. i've tried the fish and pulled pork sandwiches, as well as the burger, and found them very average. i do like their fries though.

      2. You can't even put a Bgood burger alongside of a Flat Patties one. Two totally different worlds. Flat Patties is a deliciously juicy flavorful thin patty; Bgood is a "healthy" burger (aka tasteless and bland)

        1. It's a very subjective thing, the burger and the pulled pork are inexpensive (which I appreciate, and take advantage of) but not a very good chow experience IMO. I wouldn't say this of Bartley's and haven't been to O'Sullivan's yet.

          1. B Good's sweet potato fries are amazing!