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May 17, 2009 03:52 PM

Reporting on Blue in White Plains

A group of six of us had dinner at Blue in White Plains last night. Overall, it was "good." If you have never been (and I had not), it is dark & lounge-y. They have a nice bar. At 7:45pm we were the only ones at the bar but the restaurant was about 60% full. We sat at a round table by the window -- which would have been nice to see the passersby but there is construction going on so the street is filled with gigantic orange and white barriers. Our waiter was well intentioned but very slow. Very slow and a little awkward. But nice enough. He mentioned the specials for the day...including the entree they were sold out of which we found annoying (Why mentioned at all if it is unavailable?). I ordered a bottle of wine for the table while my companions ordered cocktails. Their drinks came out timely. Unfortunately, it took quite a long time to for the wine to come out. Ultimately, he brought the incorrect bottle of wine, which I immediately noticed when he showed me the bottle (btw it was twice the price of the bottle I ordered). The waiter left (no wine steward here) and returned about 10 minutes later apologizing that they did not have the wine I wanted. I decided on another bottle and it took another 10 minutes for it to arrive. By this point I was annoyed. The waiter was more concerned with how many wine glasses to put out than to just serve my single glass. Now, onto the food. We had an assortment of appetizers. My husband had the trio of tuna. He liked it. I had the grilled octopus salad. I really liked it although it was more fried than grilled (although not breaded) and the dressing was creamy which was a surprise but it did work out nicely in the taste dept. Everyone else had the panko crusted mozzarella napolean. It is a Huge portion. They thought it was good although nothing imaginative. For entrees I got a pork tenderloin with hoisin sauce. I specifically ordered it medium (and said to me that means juicy, not dry). It came out well done and dry. I sent it back. The manager (or owner) came by to apologize & said that that order was for another table and they made me a new one. Again, it took kind a long time for it to come (some of my diners were completely through with their entrees by the time it arrived). But when it came, I thoroughly enjoyed it. This time it was prepared as requested. The hoisin sauce was nice and sweet but not cloyingly so. The coconut cashew sticky rice was absolutely delicious. My husband had the duck trio. He had to send the foie gras back because it, too, was cooked beyond recognition. It was a really small portion (the size of two quarters maybe?) but I guess that is simply because it is an expensive item. Many of our companions had the roasted chicken and they liked it. The manager offered us complimentary desserts and coffee. I especially liked the airy layered carrot cake. Cheesecake was too dry and no flavor. Our dinner for 2 was $150 including 20% tip - remember we were comped coffee & dessert so $150 = appetizer, entree and drinks. We all had some wine and or cocktails. Did I think it was a great value? No. Would I go back? Yes, but no time very soon as there are other places I want to try over a repeat of Blue.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I work near Blue. I don't think I'll try it!!

    1. Sad to hear. Blue had it's heyday years ago I think. I used to live on Church St and would go there about 1ce every 2 weeks for dinner. I left WP in '06 and it was already going downhill.

      They need a kitchen/service/management shakeup I think. Oh yeah, and some lighting design. Nothing like eating in the dark....

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      1. re: BAFU

        I read in either LoHud or Westchester Magazine that Blue with-in the past month just finished a re-design/re-fresh.

        1. re: Jon1856

          Thanks Jon. Unfortunately it seems that the "improvements" haven't done anything.

          1. re: BAFU

            Place is a few blocks from GF. We have been there twice: before it became Blue (and we liked it that way and looked forward to it staying around) and right after it became Blue. At that point, while we enjoyed the food (and I had met the Chef elsewhere), it was no longer the the place in the hood for us to go to-just a bit $$$ for us.
            I drive by every weekend. hard to tell what is going on with it; is it the change in Chefs/staff and/or economy?
            Still has customers and IIRC saw a good review on it just a bit ago......

      2. nice report...with all the waiting, incompetence, sent-back food, and overall not-ready-for-prime-time work from kitchen and wait staff (and $150 for 2 even with comps) i'm kind of shocked you'd even think of going back. I'll pass on Blue...

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        1. re: foodlad

          foodlad - you are right. I will not go back. I guess I felt kind of bad writing that.

          1. re: lollypop

            At least once a year they change decor and menu but never any good to warrant the expensive prices on the menu. It is good for happy hour from 4-7 mon. through fri. $4.00 drinks and homemade potato chips. Crowd varies from night to night but mostly 30ish and over.