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May 17, 2009 03:33 PM

"diner-type" breakfast in White Plains

Looking for a diner-type place for Memorial Day weekend breakfast. Don't want to go to City Limits Diner. Any ideas? Want to stay in White Plains. thanks.

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  1. I like breakfast at the Star Diner. The scrambled eggs by themselves are OK, but I prefer them with cheese. And the home fries don't suit me, so it's nice that they'll substitute French fries (at least, they did for me). By the way, if milk shakes qualify as breakfast food for you, I recommend them, as well.

    Star Diner
    66 1 2 E Post Rd, White Plains, NY

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    1. re: rpk

      Second place I was about to post about. If you get over the looks (very retro), very good food and service.

    2. If the weather's good, Splendid Diner on Mamaroneck Ave has sidewalk seating. Just a standard diner breakfast, but nice to have it alfresco sometimes.

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      1. re: Boswell

        Was just about to post about two places and one was Splendid's. Nice place.

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          I actually liked Spendid too. I never go to those types of places unless I am with people who are kinda set in their ways. I usually feel like it is a waste of a meal out. However, the chicken soup tasted like real chicken, and the turkey burrito tasted like real turkey. I didn't really have any of the breakfasty items, but I am sure they would be fine....omelets and such.