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May 17, 2009 03:33 PM

Rome for groups of 10 on a budget?

Any great recommendations in Rome for a group of 10 on a budget? Lunch or dinner.

I'm looking at the Slow Travel site which also has some good suggestions. Wanted to see what you chowhounds had to offer!

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  1. Hi- I mentioned this to someone else a few weeks back, but here it is again:

    Da Franco ar Vicoletto
    Via dei Falisci 1/b, San Lorenzo
    Phone: 06/4957675

    Cheap, local, not a tourist in sight.

    This resto is in the San Lorenzo/ University area, just south east of the train station, off Via Tiburtina. A great place for a group. It is mostly, if not exclusively, seafood.

    1. Really any place you can go with four you can go with ten. Only the very tiniest would have trouble accommodating you with sufficient notice. You just need to reserve ahead. Pizzerias regularly have tables of ten or more. Read the recommendations and choose what you like.