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May 17, 2009 03:25 PM

Church and State-hype

Two of us order martinis with a twist and an orders a gimlet with a slice of lime. I stuck to a glass of wine.
We wait a good twenty minutes before they slice of lime, no twist, and a dish of picholine -type olives for the martinis. When we ask about the olives we are told , with a fair amount of hauteur, that they are very expensive and they do not serve martinis with martini olives. Well, it went downhill from there.

Waited 45 minutes for mediocre meals with small, small portions. Turbot, sea bass, steak frites, chicken. The chicken was the best of the lot and the frites were very good. When Turbot asked about the small size of her fish she was told "it says small on the menu". Yes, it does, in French. Gimlet ordered another gimlet and waited 20 minutes for that. It served as dessert.
Oh, the coffee was lukewarm.

We spoke to the manager during dinner and spoke to the waiter after about 30 minutes of waiting for dinner. It's a small kitchen, it's busy...etc. Don't you want your restaurant to be busy?

The decor is very hip and I liked that . Oh, very loud--like having dinner with Metallica.

You couldn't pay me to return to the place. Terrible service, attitude, mediocre food, and loud.

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  1. Funny, because our experience was the exacty opposite of yours. Excellent all around -- food, service, etc...

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    1. re: JPomer

      Small portions, snooty attitude and overly loud...sounds about typical for LA. Besides, it's French, right?

      Wait times sound a little long though (especially the drinks) .

      1. re: JPomer

        Mine too, exact opposite. Loved all the food, and the waits were bearable via the company. Not a fast service place, but one to linger in. Service fantastic.

      2. More than anything else, the attitude of the server I find appalling. I have had both excellent and very bad service there. Nowadays I eat at the bar and am happier.