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May 17, 2009 02:25 PM

Romantic dinner spot?

I'm looking for a mid-priced romantic spot to have dinner. San Francisco or some place pretty on the water (Half Moon Bay - North Bay)?

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  1. Does it have to be on the water if in SF? Aziza is a pretty romantic setting. I like the back patio at Bistro Aix for "date" type atmosphere. Food at both of those places, particularly Aziza, is quite good.

    1. Here's my list for ya:

      Chez Spencer
      Foreign Cinema
      Samovar Tea Lounge
      SPQR (highly recommended, but go early.. long wait no reservations)

      I recommend avoiding water settings -- food is usually far worse than it should be, and you end up paying for the view. :)

      1. A few more options:

        Woodward's Garden
        Isa (in the back, tented patio area)
        Blue Plate (in the back patio area - heaters, but no tent)
        Cafe Jacqueline (if you like souffles, since that's pretty much all that's served)

        1. In Marin:

          Caprice in Tiburon has a killer view over the water looking at the city. Go at sunset when the view is at its magical best. The ambiance is cozy and upscale.

          The Pelican Inn at Muir Beach takes you back to a 16th century English jolly pub. After dinner, you can walk on the beach.

          El Paseo in Mill Valley is regarded by many as Marin's most romantic restaurant. Picture yourself in the dining room of a French country inn.

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            We just had dinner at the Caprice last night to celebrate my husband's birthday. It is as romantic as you suggest. The service was gracious and attentive without hovering. We were there 2.5 hours and were able to relax and enjoy each other's company. Oh, yes, the food was excellent. The rack of lamb was well seasoned and cooked to my desired 'somewhere between medium rare and medium'. My husband really enjoyed his filet mignon. There is seafood on the menu, we just didn't have any last night. This is a perfect place for an intimate dinner.

            1. re: Food Smith

              Glad you liked it. I've spent some romantic times there myself.